How to make a butterfly mobile?

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Step1Draw the wing of a butterfly on a piece of paper. The size and shape of the wing will depend on how you want your butterfly to look.
Step2Cut out the wing to use as a template.
Step3Place the wing template onto the report cover, making sure to line it up so that the straight edge of the template is flush with the fold of the report cover.
Step4Trace around the template and cut out the half butterfly shape.
Step5Unfold the cutout and you will have an entire butterfly body.
Step6Repeat the same process seven more times, making a total of eight butterflies for your mobile.
Step7Use the leftover translucent report cover pieces or construction paper and cut out 32 small circles. Glue 2 circles on each butterfly wing.
Finishing and Attaching the Butterflies
Step1Fold a pipe cleaner in half and slip the butterfly between the pipe cleaners, making sure the pipe cleaners are over the center of the butterfly at the fold line. The 2 long ends should be at the head of the butterfly.
Step2Make a twist in the pipe cleaner at the end of the butterfly to secure it around the body.
Step3Shape the ends of the pipe cleaner into the butterfly's antennae.
Step4Wrap a wire around the pipe cleaner at the spot where it is twisted.
Step5Tie fishing line to the center of the wire making the lines different lengths. Repeat the process with each of the butterflies.
Step6Bend the wire coat hanger into the shape of a figure-8.
Step7Attach the lengths of fishing line with the butterflies attached to the wire coat hanger and suspend it from a hook in the ceiling.

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