How can I lose weight quick?

im 13 years old.I weigh 140 pounds.I been barely eating since I got sick a month ago.I been doin exersizes every mornin for abou 10min.but I see no difference can you please help me

Answer #1

There’s alot of changes that your going to need to do. One is you have to eat on a regular basis. A heathy breakfast any whole grain cereal and low fat milk or fruit and yogurt, But breakfast is a must. Eat veggies and fruits, whole grains like wheat rice, pasta, breads, you can snack on raisins, nuts and seeds. Lean meat and fish, nothing fatty or fried. Cut out sweets, salty snacks and soda, if you cut down on sugar alone, (Including products that contain High fructose corrn syrup, check the labels) you’ll be surprised how much weight you can lose with this alone! Smaller portions of healthy food will help you alot , a portion of meat is only 3 oz, and that’s about the size of your open palm. Read the nutritional labels on the foods that you eat and stick to the one serving portion size!! And you need to exercise a little bit more, running, walking, biking swimming any cardio or resistance training but increase your time to more like 30-60 minutes worth of a work out. Drink lots of water throughout the day. It takes alittle planning and work but you can do it!

Answer #2

lovelesspa and vaske both had some good answers. Here’s just a few guidelines… if you follow these, you’ll have plenty of leeway in designing your own diet.

  1. eat 5 to 6 meals a day. Basically, dont let 3 hours go by without eating SOMETHING. And yes, that something should be very small. A few eggs and an apple is a meal.

  2. Of those 5 meals, adjust your macronutrient (carbs, proteins, and fats) according to what you will be doing for “the next 3 hours of your life”, until your next meal. If you’re going to be studying at home, you dont need carbs for that. If you’re going to school, you will need some carbs, as you will be exerting yourself mildly. If you’re going to workout, you may need a few more carbs. You need fats and proteins coming in at every meal. Carbs come only when you need them, since they have no other function than to provide energy (or turn to fat).

  3. Exercise for 30 at least once a day. If you can, exercising twice a day is best, as you’ll get twice the effect, twice the hGH release, twice the epinephrine to catabolize adipose tissue, etc. A good plan would be to let your first workout be 30 minutes of weight training, and your second workout using the run-walk method (run as fast as you can for 15 or 20 minutes, then walk briskly for 30 minutes). Try doing this 3 to 5 times a week.

  4. you cant keep losing weight long term. If you’ve been losing weight for 2 or 3 months consistently, you’ll need to deliberately gain weight for at least a month. During this time, you want the weight you gain to be muscle mass, since you’re steadily losing muscle during the time you diet (which may lead to a yo-yo effect later on).

  5. You can achieve better results using the zig-zag method. This is where you gain weight once or twice a week, on heavy workout days, then lose weight the rest of the week. This allows you to hold onto muscle better while still losing fat. Remember, muscle is responsible for a good 90% of your metabolism!

  6. Finally, when all is said and done, there is but 1 thing that ultimately decides if you will lose fat on a given day or not: calories. If your daily need is 2000 (probably its much lower), and you get 2001 calories, you will gain ever-so-slightly on that day. If you get 1500, you will lose on that day. You want to lose around 500 calories a day. This will come to around a pound of fat per week. Dont drop anymore than an estimated 500 though. If you drop 500 per day, then 99% of that is likely to be fat. If you drop 1,000 a day, then 70% of that is likely to be fat! More is not better.

Hope that helps.

  • Kasey
Answer #3

starving yourself is not going to help. You need to have abowl of oatmeal in the morning and you need to have at 2000 calories a day. the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Try to eat dinner before 7 pm and you need to do at lease an hour of cardio. Which walking would really help.

Answer #4

You can try working out and eat less fat foods. Try eating more veggies. Do this for a while, and if it dosen’t help, e- mail me back on a few weeks or so.

Answer #5

well starving only hurts your body into starvation mode which slow metabolism. you want the opposite. try eating 4-5 SMALL meals a day like a serving size of meat and a salad drink TONS of water i recomend at least 1 gallon a day this boost your metabolsism alot. third your only doing 10min of exercise try doing 15-30 min of it which will give you improvements

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