How to know if you have hymen?

How do you know if you still have a hymen??
I've used a tampon before so does that mean I have definitely broken it??
and where is it?

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lol that doesnt mean you broke it its normally only broken during sex and you will know when its gone you will bleed for a a few hours or maybe less .

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Ok you most likely got rid of most of your hymen using tampons, but most women still have some of their hymen till they give birth. You can get a mirror and look at your vagina (where you insert the tammpon obviously) and it'll probably look like a shadow going around the hole at the bottom. check out this website, it'll really help its a health site and it'll show you images (non-pornagraphic) of what your hymen will look like at different stages.

does having your period mean you broken your hymen?

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