How to ignore people on FA

So, on my post about cutting that I made earlier, there are these 2 girls that are telling me exactly what I specifically said I didn’t want to hear in the post. [(That I’m stupid and shouldn’t do it, etc..) And if you agree with them, then good for you.. That’s not what this is about.] How do I remove their comments or keep them from further spamming my post with this??

Answer #1

by post, do yu mean question?.. yu cant remove other user’s answers to yer questionss. but if their response abusive in any way, yu can report abuse on it. and notify one of the advisors. I think they can remove it(:

yu cant remove it yerself, cause this is a site fer advice. yu cant remove stuff just cause yu dont want to hear the truthh\other people’s opinionss.

Answer #2

If we give him advice on how to cut, we are therefore consenting to helping him and in that way we are agreeing with what he is doing. Opinions and advice go hand in hand. I just think that you are making a poor decision that will bother you for the rest of your life. Try to find another way to work through your problems and learn to ignore people. Life is harsh, learn to deal. Sam

Answer #3

I agree with u. If I wanted to hear all the negative stuff then I wouldn’t have joined the site. I’m hear for advice not opinion. He asked for advice. So therefore it should be a statement that he can choose to use or not use. He didn’t ask what p thought. I get on here hoping to find help from wise people or maybe people that have went thru thr same thing. Most the time I know I’m wrong. ThTs why we ask for help.

Answer #4

I agree, if you cant handle others opinions then dont even come on here. youre dealing with a lot of various people on here. its their opinion, if you dont like it then let it go. but like I said and sshaw said, if you cant handle a simple opinion then dont ask. theres a difference between someones opinion and one insulting you, and them saying you shouldn do it isn insulting.

Answer #5

you cant remove comments, only an advisor can howevere we probably wont because there not breaking any rules, there just trying to help you if you dont want them commenting on your profile/pic,sending you funmail, ect you can block them theyll still be able to answer your questions though if they choose to

Answer #6

I don’t mind them saying I shouldn’t do it! But she flat out insulted me in a previous question. Said I was stupid, stereotyped me, and put down the stereotype in a single short paragraph.

Answer #7

I’d love to hear their opinions if they answer my question..

And It’s not the truth I want to remove.. It’s the people who give poor answers and then b* about why I’m wrong in what I’m asking. I want advice from the advice site. I don’t want a lecture.. or a series of poorly thought out insults.

Answer #8

he’s not looking for an opinion, he’s looking for advice, that answers his question!

Answer #9

If you can’t take someones opinion, don’t ask the questions. Sam

Answer #10

I don’t know, you would have to ask one of the advisors

Answer #11

I dont think you can remove comments

Answer #12

That’s stupid >.> why not??

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