How to get sponsored to play golf?

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If you win enough tournaments, you'll get sponsored as companies want to associate themselves with the best who win the most often. So, win some golf tournaments and get ranked and then you can get sponsored.

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I would say that you need to be good at what you do to get the sponsorship from major branches. Read here on the cheapest golf bag on the market:

Cheap Golf Bags: Top 10 Best Golf Bags Under 100
We're made to believe that you need to be wealthy for you to be a golfer. Further, we're made to trust that all golf accessories cost a fortune. The notion can be true especially if you don't know how to bargain and get the best deals on the market. When it comes to what you need for the game, there are things like best deals on golf bags which are cheaper costing under $100. Although very affordable, they may not come with whistles and belts other expensive bags have but don't mean that the bag is made ...
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