How to fix the ''Open Tray" problem?

Okay I’ve been trying to play my xbox 360 games for like a year!So I mean I wanna play Resident Evil-5,Devil May Cry,MK VS DC ect.I mean How do I get rid of this annoying problem!?

Answer #1

maxfreak91 Has got it right. That’s basically the procedure if you want it 100% fixed 100% of the time. Otherwise, look for somebody WITH experience to do it for you.

Answer #2

I tried this but sadly it only works for about a week.I tried reaching the CD or DVD drive.I tried to clean the laser lens but it only reads the game for about a week.If you have any other suggestions that’d be great.Even though you’d said all you have to say.THNX anyways =D !!!

Answer #3

) Restart your console.

  1. Check for loose cables.
  2. Pull out all the cables, and get them back in.
  3. Take out the hard-drive, and put it back in. Repeat this 4 times.

this only might work do you still have your warrenty on it?

Answer #4


Open your xbox screws and all (better off using the proper tools otherwise it turns into a screaming tool throwing deathmatch, mine did :]) until you can see the heat sink on the cpu, get a small and clean brush and dust it all down. Thats just basic maintenance first off, now for the solution acquire a small D.C fan usually 12 or 6 volt the same size or smaller than the CPU heat sink (you can find them in things like wii stands or get one from an electronics shop like radioshack [American?]) and some fine threaded screws long enough to hold the fan firmly in place but not long enough to destroy your heat sink. begin by making some holes (with a suitable instrument BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!!) just smaller than the screw threads so they will tighten properly when threaded, and align the fan so it is blowing into the heat sink (you may also have to bend the fins of the heatsink open to make sure the air is going through properly) as toward the back as possible. now attach the fan the the heat-sink and make sure it is firmly in place otherwise it could vibrate off and chop your xbox up inside. Now, you will notice a plug with a black and a red(or white) wire attached to the rear fans and the circuit board. Pull it off the circuit board and attach both fans to the pins (its up to you how) and then put them back on the circuit board(MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO BARE WIRES TOUCHING THE CIRCUIT BOARD!!!) connect the power ONLY IF YOUR SURE YOU HAVEN’T SHORTED ANYTHING OUT and turn it on to test it out and see if the fans all spin like normal. Put everything bac together and there you have it you are done and assuming his is an xbox arcade you have just built a mod that GUARANTEES no overheating problems ever again and $200 off the xbox 360 elite which still performs worse than this mod.

I have done this to my own xbox and it has not had one problem since, it used to get the red ring of death every half an hour and I live in a cold place and now it never happens the loading speed is faster because there are less CPU errors and its just better you will not regret it :) Thnx for reading XD

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