How to do the best sleepover ever.

Im having a sleepover with my friends and I dont want them to get bored. What would be really fun at a 13 year olds sleepover?

Answer #1

ok well I like how other people do their sleepover but this is how I do it: first hide things that you dont want to have broken. (this is all before the people come) then pad the floor with duvets, pillows and blankets. then when everyone comes (about 4-6) we first eat as much as we can and then watch a horror film. when that is finished we go and have a pillow fight. then we put our pjs on. next we play truth or dare. then we have a midnight feast. then we take loads of pictures of us with silly faces and then when its 7 in the morning we go to bed feeling ill, tired and sick!!! what a great sleepover! :)

Answer #2

LOL these answers are funny but this is how I do a sleepovere. we make sure we have the whole pplace on limits and have the stuff you dont want broken hidden. then before everyone gets there I make sure that everyone there wont kill each other when I leave the room ( like one of my frinds tried to) and then I padd the flooring get in my pjs nad play the music and have my dad or mom check everyones I.D. to make sure everyones age verified and part of my geust list. LOL its fun when youdo truth or dare and you have a chicken jar thaat when someone chickens out of a dare they do a random one…thats the best..have fun!

Answer #3

Ok these are what we do at my friends and mine

~ prank call ~eat lots of food!! ~ watch tons of scary movies ~ding-dong ditch ~truh or dare ~nervouse ~sneek out ~draw on each others face when they fall asleep

and more just be your selves!!

Answer #4

uh…depends on what kind of person you are… -ding don ditch -take a walk -eat -tell stories -prank calls -video games -movies -try to go past the parents bed room with out waking them up:B -dance -plan another sleepover -put squeeze cheese on the first person who falls asleep:B

Answer #5
  • You clean up before your friends come over in the wfirst place.
  • You make it so yous can all stay in the livingroom all night.
  • Put pillows and lots of covers on the floor so everyone can be comfy.
  • Buy popcorn, crisps, fizzy pop, marshmallows, hot chocolate. and other junk food.
  • watch a film.
  • After the film, play truth or dares.
  • then tell eachother secrets.
  • boys boys boys
  • music
  • write a story, draw pictures, pictionary.
  • “the things I hate…” game
  • Midnight feast paha ;D
  • Learn a dance ie hoedown throwdown, timewarp etc etc.
  • Make a dance
  • Dye someones hair
  • Bake cake/cookies/muffins
  • Pillow fight
  • Excperiment with food. ie chips and custard, chocolate sauce and crisps.
  • Make macaroni necklaces.
  • Paint pictures
  • Facepainting
  • Where’s wally?
  • Read scary stories
  • Watch another film
  • Go on the internet
  • Take LOTS of photos (WITH FUNNY FACES)

eee. oh and “remember that time when…”

Answer #6

lolz sleepovers are the best okay I would always make a list these are a few things

  1. buy a LOT of junk food (dont care that you will b 10 pounds heaver the next day)
  2. prank phone calls (rememba 2 block your # trust me they call back pizzed)
  3. make overs (which 1 of your friends is pretty but doesnt really show it) ^_^ hope it goes well
Answer #7

you can do lots of things like go the movies and also,go to the teens club and go to a restuarnt to eat and other things if you more advice ask me

Answer #8

lets see yall should rent scary movies,play ding dong ditch,egg/tp some1s house,bake something,prankcall,go swimming,wresel,make a movie of yall doing something funny,take pics,sneekout, lol I don’t know just have fun=)

Answer #9

Well I have a book shaped like a pillow and i always read it before sleepovers and theres a scary game called cause what scared you and you put something over your eyes and turn out the lights and someone or something makes a noise or touches you and you have to guess what it is! my friend did this to me without me knowing it scared me alot!

Answer #10

make smores! yum!

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