How to clean that part

I was wondering how do yu clean down in that area. im a girl. I just want to know how to keep it clean and how to keep it smellin good. thanks.

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just use like gentle cleaning soaps and stuff like that

but like make shure you use the good stuff
not the cheap stuff

because like it may cause infection

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don't clean the inside. it cleans itself. but just use soap and water in the shower. all should go well.

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There's a certain pH level of acidity down there, so make sure you use either gentle soaps or even better, specialized feminine hygiene wash products that you can get easily in any supermarket or pharmacy. They should be next to the sanitary pads/tampons section. It's important to keep the natural acidity level down there the same because it helps prevent infection and fight any bad bacteria.

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For cleaning purpose vinegar is the best cleaning product. It is capable of cleaning all types of stains or dirt.

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