Can someone please explain the correct way to clean your lady part?

They say clean the outside and use warm water and I'm not sure exactly what that means. I've always used soap to clean everything.

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The important thing is that you do not insert anything (soap, a brush or any other object). Because that may damage the mucosa. And by that you can cause tiny wounds inside that might get infected. The inside cleans itself once per month. The period discharge carries out everything that does not belong. So you do not need to wash that. You don't wash the inside of your body.

It is safe to clean anything that you can clean when using a cloth and soap.

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Yup, don't insert anything inside your actual vajayjay. Use soap and water and just wash the outside, the inner "lips" and clean around the outside of your vajayjay hole with soap and water too since that's where the discharge comes out.... Make sure your always fresh and clean because you can get infections, eww.

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What about women who don't have periods, how does it clean its self then?

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They still have discharge. But only a little bit. Still you do not have to clean the inside of your body, except your teeth.

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just don't insert anything into ur lady part because u may hurt urself if u do so

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Really your not supposed to use soap down there either... Expecially on the inside. Best way is to just use warm water around that area. Soap and other cleansers can mess up your pH balance. and this can make it smelly. Unless you use a gentle soap with no fragrance. Or eve shower gel. Made for ladies ;)

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Agreed, lactic acid works well to use as a soap down there, not inside please.

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these answers are correct, however, some women occasionally use a douche. if you choose to use this method make it a vinegar and water douche since this is all natural.

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