how to become fat?

I am not havin any hip and my butt is very small.what should I do? I am very thin and my hands are also very thin.please give some good advice to become fat

Answer #1

Drink good sorts of beer. It’s very helpful.

Answer #2

At Night Protein Supplements , so at night ur resting so the total protein go for your Body development only or in other words help to accumulate some Fat.

Answer #3

Eat and don’t exercise. But if you want curves dress in a certain way. + u don’t want to be fat. people i know that r fat r generally MEAN and Grumpy because of weight. Many r jealous of thin peeps.

Answer #4

um ok you could always get but implants so many starsz get them causeee thin iss good

Answer #5

u can still eat healthy and put on weight.. eat stakes and higher percent milk

Answer #6

Buy some nutritional shakes… Walmart carries them by the pharmacy area. They come in several flavors. Drink 3 of them a day along with what you normally eat and drink. You’ll gain weight. That’s what they’re for.

Answer #7

Ok just to workouts to make your hips and butt bigger but dont make yourself fat! Be happy your skinny!

Answer #8

oh I wish I was in your place! eat … chips, ice cream (chocolate),tuns of sugar,chocolate cake, oreos,spagetti (yes it makes you gain weight!) french fries, double wopper, or big mac!! and so on!! drink… pepsi, rootbeer, chocolate milk (with extra sugar) and syrup (yes SYRUP! if you want to gain weight that badly!) hope it helped!

Answer #9

hello to all..I just want to ask if how to become fat. . .???its my major problem. . .because I drink appeton milk..its expensive milk here in my country..but the problem is I never saw changes in my body. . . I am really worry..

Answer #10

you dont want to get too fat. if you are underweight..the best thing is to find out what weight you are suppose to be at..and try to gain just enough weight to be that healthy weight.

Answer #11

people I am 14 years old, I am about 158cm high and weight only 35 kg. PLEASE tell me some easy tips so I can fast become fat..PLEASE people… :(

Answer #12

im 6 feet tall im a girl my weght is 100 lbs and you think youre skinny…

Answer #13

I’m too thin too.I am 15 years old and I weight only 40 kg. They say I have TAPE WORM IN my stomach. And others says People that are thin has faster metabolism.

Answer #14

trust me you do not want to become FAT it not easy with it and who cares your thin its good but if you dont change your mind eat 2 - 4 meals a day and eat fatty snacks

Answer #15





Answer #16

I had a cousin who needed to gain weight. The dr. told him to eat lots of peanut butter, and to drink Ensure( it will be in the same place as Slimfast)There are different flavors with Ensure, but most of the people I know like Vanilla the best. You can add chocolate syrup in it to add more calories and a better taste, but don’t go overboard. Start drinking whole milk (if you aren’t already). GNC’s also carry a weight gain shake, but I’ve heard it tastes awful and semi- expensive. Hope this helps.

Answer #17

imskinny but just around perfect dont eat a lot eat normal stretch

Answer #18

Whatever you do, DON’T think that junk food is the solution!!! It is not a shortcut to gaining weight - it’s unhealthy and plain dangerous to stuff yourself with greasy junk! Your heart and arteries will take it all and you’ll be very sorry in the end. The possible consequences of junk food (heart attack) kill more people than cancer does! Just eat a lot of animal products, like lots of meat, eggs, and whole milk (in a form other than a cheeseburger with a shake). Also, good whole grain bread, pasta, and other non-junk carb stuff. Your health should always come first no matter what you choose to eat.

Answer #19

remember high calories and carb but try and find some with low cholesterol.

Answer #20

omg help me!!! I mean my doctor said I was normal im 5’9 and weigh about 115- 128 and I eat like a pig but never gain… Any types of foods or exercise I can do to have a regular figure but no fat tummy sticking out? Like I need my face filled out and arms oh yah dont forget the butt! o yah not too much on my thighs they pretty chubby

Answer #21

My lord, all this misinformation makes me head spin.

Don’t load up on sat/trans fat unless you want to look like the sumo wrestler guy.

Do you want to look like a sumo wrestler? No, I didn’t think so.

If you are young, then just wait as your metabolism will slow down as you get older. No need to go trying to bulk up. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and get plenty of exercise.

If you choose to up your calories, do it healthy! Don’t dirty bulk. It does nothing for you but give you a heart attack.

Answer #22

Activity of mind or body prevents fattening. Sufficient rest and sleep must be taken. Persons who desire to become plump and remain so should retire about 9 or 10 P. M., and sleep until 6 or 7 A. M. A brain-worker needs more sleep than a muscle-worker. Pleasure or recreation, before going to bed at night is desirable. A drink of water should be taken immediately on rising. It should be fresh water, and not that which has stood in lead pipes or in a pail, nor should it be too cold. The breakfast should be plain and substantial, the year round, especially in summer. A course of fresh ripe fruit should first be eaten, then potatoes, meat or fried mush, or oat-meal porridge, bread and butter. the drink may be cocoa or milk-and-water, sweetened. If tea or coffee is used, it should be weak, and taken with plenty of milk. A drink of water may be taken an hour or two after a meal; it aids digestion. If one becomes faint before dinner, a cracker should be taken with a glass of water. The hearty meal of the day should not come later than five hours after breakfast. Soup should be taken at this meal; it helps digestion. There are certain Brahmins or Priests in Asia who are very corpulent. Their diet consists of vegetables, milk sugar, sweet meets and “ghee.” Dr. Fothergill states that a strict vegetable diet produces fat more certainly than any other means. Condiments, spices and stimulants should not be taken, unless they are very mild. Much cold water, at meal-times, should be avoided. It chills the stomach. every meal should be eaten slowly and with pleasant company and a half hour, at least, of rest taken afterwards, if possible. If a full, hearty meal lies heavily on the stomach, as it often does, with dyspeptics, a drink of hot water, sweetened or salted to the taste, aids much to the complete digestion. About 3 or 4 P. M., a drink of water should be taken. Supper should be light; bread-and-butter and tea, with some mild sauce. Children and old people should retire early. Another method of becoming plump is a free diet of oysters. they may be taken in any form, raw or cooked, but they should be eaten without vinegar or pepper. To sum up, then: to become plump, one must use plenty of water, starchy food, oysters, fats, vegetables, sweets, and take plenty of rest.

Answer #23

if ur like me (who is also very skinny and can not stand it) then what i would do is eat like normal ppl do, now im not saying to go off and eat 10 micdonald sandwitches i mean eat three big meals a day see im tiny for my age and i cant help that but i eat little meals through out the day thats the healthy way of eating bc ur not stuffing ur self. if u can eat three big health meals a day then i would do that and see where that gets u. just dont resort to junk food stay healthy do like baked chicken for dinner oats in the morn carrots and things like that for lunch

try that see if that works if u find a way u must let me know bc im underweight and small for being almost 17

Answer #24

You should go see a nutritionist or a dietitian to help you program your meals and exercise thats targeted to meet your objective. That way you can gain mass and not fat, which is very important. Fat (except for the good fat) has never been known to be a good thing, you know. I think with the help of an exercise program and the right nutrition, you can expect to see improvements.

Answer #25

well eat a lot of glazed or powdered dounts drink a lot of soda and eat fried greasy fatty foods and in about a couple weeks youll gain at least 10 to 20 pounds

Answer #26

hi!!! Im really skinny too and I understad you, it is hard getting fat. I started doing this thing wich is really helping me to ween volum. (sorry if my english is really bad) First of all dont try eating all this junk greasy food, it will only make you skinier.

What you have to do is think of all the food that you ate for a day… a regular day, count the number of calories that you ate (check a chart of calories on the internet or something)… Now, what you will try to do is eat more calories each week. For example if you eat 2000 on a normal day, eat 2500, this week and the next week 3000.

Do lots and lots of exersice, this will give volume because when you excersice your mussels, they get bigger and you look bigger. Drink lots of water because this will give you energy wich you will need by earning all those calories. Sleep well… and ofcourse have fun!!! :) this will make you healthier, you will feel good, fresh, and after looking pretty you will be happier… a tip… you can take birth pills, go to the doctor and ask him wich ones are good for you, take them, this will wive you hips and all that stuff.

Good luck, any other tips please tell me because I am in the same thing haha

Answer #27

I know how depressing it is to be underweight. It hindered any confidence I might’ve had during my high school years.
I’ll tell you what really helped me. I became a vegetarian and took on a healthier diet. Although the foods I’ve been eating have fewer calories than the ones I used to have that included meat (now I eat a lot of soy, complex carbohydrates, vegetable protein, bread and whole grains), my appetite has improved tremendously. I also find that drinking water throughout the day (and during every meal) is helpful. Water has no calories, unlike other beverages, but it helps me eat more during meals. It’s made my stomach stronger, as has my transition to vegetarianism. So although the food I’ve been eating is lower in calories, I’ve been eating a LOT of it. I gained about 30 pounds since becoming a vegetarian. I highly recommend it. It’s at least worth a try. I want to let you know that I really understand how you feel. It’s especially frustrating when people say “I wish I had that problem” because they don’t understand how depressing it is to be underweight.

Answer #28

My friend had the same problem, he works out a lot now, body building… he’s put on like 20 pounds and is still gaining. and he drinks this disgusting protein shake stuff, but seems to work… and little meals between your main ones…

Answer #29

Hi…im a 17 years old boy…my weght is 57 Kg and my height is 178 Cm… i know im under weight… i wanna know how much im under weight in Kg…and what should i do to gain more weight??

Im a soccer player… i play everyday for 2 hours…

Answer #30

Milk would be the best solution. Remember be healthy though you try to scrunch yourself in order to become larger.

Answer #31

eat unhelthy food like chocolates,ice cream , deep fried food ,oily food and ffod wich contains lots of sugar.


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