How soon after giving birth can i bathe my dog and her puppies?

How soon after giving birth can I bathe my dog and her puppies I know its a few weeks but can anyone tell me when exactly?

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I would call your vet and ask them.

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The mother will bathe the puppies - you shouldn't have to do that.

If anything, I recommend you wait until they're ready to leave the litter.

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Do not give mom a bath, the puppies "smell" mom's sent and that helps them find the teats.
Do not give the pups a bath until about 5 weeks old, even that you may only use a very mild shampoo like Baby Shampoo, NO FLEA and Tick shampoos. if you have a problem with fleas or ticks, ask your vet about Revolution. This stuff is based on Weight and or age.
There is no reason to bath the litter yet, mom will lick them everyday, this also helps stimulat them to go potty

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If the mother dog is in desperate need of a bath you can use a mild soap, or a baby body wash, to clean her. You can't put her into a bath yet.

Fill a basin with warm water, get a wash cloth, then while she's resting try to wipe her off. And be very gentle while you're washing her.

If this is her first litter she's just learning what to do. She may just need some direction from you. Sometimes it takes them a little longer to learn what's needed of them, but she'll figure it out. Until then just wipe her off, be gentle, warm water, and a soft cloth.

Don't clean her "area" just clean around it.

Now the puppies..don't even attempt to bath them yet. Wait until they're eating food, and mom's trying to stop nursing. Around 6-8 weeks, that's usually a good age for the first bath. Before then, mom will keep them clean.

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