How old can my son babysit

Hi my son is 14yrs old and I've just been offred a job and I need to find out if my son can look after his brothers and sister from 8am till 4ish or will I need child care

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It really depends on how responsible your son is. I wouldn't really count on age that much. If your son is not that responsible then I wouldn't let hm watch them.

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what foxxygirl said. I stayed home alone and never got into trouble.
since I was maybe 10-? but yeah make sure he's mature.

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it depends if your son is mature enough..

im a girl but I started babysitting at the age 13 soo yeahh..

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If your in Washington state then he has to be 12 and up. But you need to know that in an emergancy he will do the right thing.I would'nt let him babisit a girl until he showed true responsebility.boys tend to act on impulse
( sometimes).You need to have a case of emergancy,3 back up #s in case someone steps out and ca'nt be reached.He also can take a first aide babisitters class.look on line in your town for teen babisitting classes.or ask the YWCA d they have such a class or know of one. My 12 year old niece recieved her Certificate as a liscenced babysitter . Hope that helps you

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it totally depends on how mature and responsible your son is.

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it depends if you think he is mature enough

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