How much would it take

How much money would it take for you to give a stranger a blow job?

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damn im so sick of that question.. none!! I work for my money!!! im not gna degrade myself like that... or desrespect myself either

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omg...WOW! umm, I dont think I'd do it for any amount of money, unless it was that or die...HELL NO!

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Its funny how ALL the stupid questions are usually posted anonymously.

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If you don't like the question you don't have to answer it. Also the person asking never said that they would do it they were just wondering what other people thought. As for my answer I'm not gay so there is not enough money on earth lol

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EEWW!!! none b/c I wouldn do it, and no I dont care if it was a billion dollars. you would have no I dea where he could have that thing at!!! and what could be on it!! eeww, no way!!!

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^^loner4life...if you noticed, I didnt answer the question! I made a statement!

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Absolutely none...that's disgusting. Why would any woman with self respect belittle herself like that?

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do it cash is always good around this time of the year. plus why not get payed for something you injoy

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no amount of don't know where that has been.

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eww why would you want to...

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I was not talking about you angelfire2708

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who were you talking about then?

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Well I guess that would be you lol

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yeah I figured... whatever.

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