How much weight will I lose if I skip Lunch ??

I am trying to lose weight how much will I lose if I eat a small breakfast, skip lunch and have a small dinner ??? How much will I lose in a week eating this? I know it isnt healthy but how much will I probebly lose ??

Answer #1

Instead of skipping meals you could also stop drinking too much liquid in the later evening, your body could be retaining water. That has happened to me, sometimes I can gain 5 lbs of water and I usually have to take a water pill in the morning to get rid of the excess water. Try it and see if you get results!!

Answer #2

Oh and I forgot you do not have to skip breakfast, lunch or dinner!! Your body will just want to eat in smaller portions!!

Answer #3

How much do you weigh?

Answer #4

You want the honest truth? None. You will proberly PUT ON weight. If you starved the body of a regular meal then it is more likely to save the old food as fat instead of digesting it properly. Skipping meals is not only bad for you but it will honestly make you put on weight. Small breakfast - fine, small lunch - fine, small dinner- fine. Small is ok but non existant is bad.

Answer #5

I don’t know what your normal weight is but 143 does not sound bad. If you do need to lose some pounds you can take Redotex, you can look me up at sell dot com under my name amberluvsbbw and get more info from there. This diet pill is intended for an obese person and is taken once a day for 3 weeks and 1 off. Some people have lost up to 20-30 lbs in a month and of course you are recommended to drink plenty, plenty of water because that cleanses your system! Good Luck and take care!!

Answer #6

Without at least moderate exercise, probably very little - must burn more calories than you take in…Take care !!

Answer #7

I weight 10 stone and 7 pounds about 143 pounds

Answer #8

(I’m copying and pasting this response from a comment I made over the weekend. I’m a grown man, and don’t necessarily advice my method for young, growing adults)

I lost 25-30 pounds 7 years ago, and have kept the weight off. But the fact that I’ve succeeded where most people fail doesn’t stop the “experts” from scolding me for daring to buck conventional wisdom.

I don’t eat breakfast. I don’t eat lunch. I don’t swallow the claims that this is bad for my health.

Many people prefer to scold than stopping to consider something that may help them. But doesn’t my success in an area dominated by soul-crushing failure indicate you should consider my points? My own story of weight loss is, of course, anecdotal, so how about some research that supports my claims: first, Dr. David Levitsky, professor of nutrition at Cornell, conducted a controlled study where subjects skipped breakfast. They ate more than they usually would at lunch, but not enough to make up the difference. There was a net loss in caloric intake. Dr. Mark Mattson of the National Institute of Aging had subjects skip breakfast and lunch, then had them a prescribed, full day’s allotment of calories worth at dinner. They neither gained nor lost weight, but his opinion was that if left on their own they’d eat less for dinner. That’s my experience. Exercise discipline and don’t eat junk-food (except occasionally), and you won’t eat more throughout the course of the day. Just make sure you have a good selection of assorted, nutritious foods for your one meal. As for metabolism: one’s basal-rate of metabolism never stops, but it does decrease while sleeping. It’s true that eating can increase it – through what’s called thermogenesis – but then so can drinking a glass of cold water. My routine is tough at first to get used to, but I think many can relate to how you get into a “zone” where you just don’t feel hungry. Today I ran 11 miles/17.7K on an empty stomach (btw- I’m not lying; I have better things to do than misrepresent myself on an internet forum). When I finished at about 1, I had plenty of fluids, but no food. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all about how “bad” that is for you. Talk to the hand. I’m right on this; I’m TELLING you. I’m not going to claim it’s the ONLY way to lose weight, but long-term success stories are rare, so I’m clearly doing something right. And I feel utterly confident that the “Breakfast is the most important meal” canard will be revised, as part of ongoing scientific inquiry, in due course.

Answer #9

barely any, it will only made acid eat at the lining of your stomach, you need food for energy, energy gives you your metabolism without a metabolism you will pile on the weight from stored fat you didnt know you had, did you know kids who dont eat breakfast are mmore likely to become obese than those who do eat breakfast

Answer #10

Hahaha. Uhm none? Sweetie. Its not about skipping meals and eating smaller here and there. It just makes it harder to lose weight…just eat healthier.!!

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