How many puppies i can expect from my cocker spaniel's 1st litter?

My ccker spaniel is 1 1/2 years old. She's had two periods. An I was very curious as to how many puppies she might have. She's getting big around her belly area, and she's went from 4 nipples to ten. Whats a average number?

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She will probably have 5 - 8 puppies.

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Ok, First of all! It DOESN'T sound like you've bred before & It doesn't seem like you know what your doing. There's so many unwanted, abused, neglected animals out there! Why add to that mess? If you want another dog, & it's a specific breed then go find a rescue group and adopt one from there. We've got too many animals already, There having to KILL animals that no one wants to adopt. & Thanks to you we've got a lot more animals to worry about. Some shelters only give the animal a week to be adopted, & if there not adopted by then, then they get euthinaised.
Uhhh! Were trying to STOP people from breeding, Only proffessionals. But, It would also be nice if they stopped for a while & waited until the animal population went down. You should've done your research. When the pups are born don't give them out/sell them until there 9-10 weeks of age. No earlier! Later then that would also be fine, But when there like 1 years old there less likely to be adopted. People like Puppies, what can you say? Anyway, Have you thought of all the diseases your dog can get? Maybe, she could DIE during LABOR, So you wouldn't just be losing HER you would be loosing her PUPS as well. Perhaps, She could get a Sexual transmitted disease from the Stud she mated with. Something could go wrong and she would possibly need a C-section, Would you be willing to pay for that? I can tell you one thing;C-SECTIONS are NOT CHEAP! There is lots of other diseases she could get as well. So, The next time you think or do breed, Remember what I said. Please, Please, PLEASE spay your Cocker after she has her pups.

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umm well first off... though I highly discourage the fact that you bred your dog I feel I should inform you on some important details so that the pups have a very good future... (Yes I am young but my mother has been professionally breeding dogs for almost 50 years. I am not being hypocritical of your desision but I feel that dogs should only be bred if they have a purpose for the breeding-aka professional dog shows, police work, ect.)

Personally your cocker spaniel is to young to have a litter. Nature obviously has made it possible but its not fair since the dog is still so young. My mother tends to breed when dogs are around 3 to 5 years old.

Also... dogs do no just automaticly grow nipples. She had ten you just didn't notice them. Smaller dogs can have 5 or more pups, please be ready for them all. Also do research on what to expect and take her to the vet and get information there and when to do follow ups.

I highly urge you to read this artical.


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I have an idea!! Since it's too late to NOT have puppies...and it's obvious that you haven't done any research on the subject...why not get a relationship going with a Vet (which you may need, anyway, should anything go wrong)...and while you're there, ask for an ultra-sound. That way you'll know exactly how many puppies to expect...

You can find your answer here...


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Why are you breeding your dog if you don't even know the fundamentals and have not done any research?
I am SO TIRED of people that have no idea breeding their dogs.
Don't you know that MILLIONS are killed in shelters every year?
Why are you adding to the problem of companion animal overpopulation?

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up to 8 darlings

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