How long does implantation bleeding or spotting lasts?

I was just wondering how long implantation bleeding or spotting lasts if I’m pregnant or might be pregnant, I’m having this spotting for 14 days now ,does is last days, weeks or months? I have these mild headaches, I don’t know if it is preg symptoms or because I’m working too much. I have been spending endless hours in front of the computer and probably that is why I’m getting these headaches. Besides that no other symptoms. Please advice.

Answer #1

quatlity212, I am having the same situation. I started spotting on 8/5 and had it off and on til yesterday. Nothing yet today, and I am not expecting my period til next week. The suspense is killing me. My spotting has also been all different colors ranging from brown-pink-red,etc. I obviously have no anwers but am hoping to be pregnant. This would be my 4th and I have never had this happen before. . .guess we will see.

Answer #2

implantation usually last a sec . and the bleeding could last up to a day of very very mild spotting usually you will only bleed very little and only once … what your going thru may just be a light period which periods do couse mild headachs if you feel you might be pregnant take a test thats a best way to find out …missv

Answer #3

I’m in the same situation as a lot of these women. I started seeing some brown discharge about last week. Its everyday, but not all day. As the week progressed it went from brownish to light pink and now red. My period is not due for another week. Yes I had unprotected sex. Is it possible that I’m pregnant or should I be at the hospital getting checked out

Answer #4

I don’t think you had Implantation bleeding . I had Implantation bleeding which was pink blood in discharge which just happened once in a day. I got told Implantation bleeding is are and can only last 1-3 days no longer. You could of got some other bleeding its defo not Implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding can look like its blood in discharge which is pink or brown.

Answer #5

implantation usually last a sec . and the bleeding could last up to a day of very very mild spotting usually you will only bleed very little and only once … what your going thru may just be a light period which periods do couse mild headachs if you feel you might be pregnant take a test thats a best way to find out …missv

Answer #6

Okay so I was on birth control for two years. And I got off of it like 9 months ago and me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex a lot. And two days ago I woke up with period cramps an just figured just another period. Well I spotted that dark brown color the whole day and then the next day it was gone. Bone dry. And I’m just a little nervous about it.. Someone help me

Answer #7

I lost a baby 18 months ago my 6th baby at 24+4 days he lived for 18 hrs my angel fought, my last period came approx 17 days ago since last night I have had bad stomach cramps and back ache and slight pinky red bleeding, im hoping im pregnant has anyone experienced anything similar and been pregnant…

Answer #8

hey I need sum help! im not to sure but I do think im pregnant. well I’ve just started bleedin and my normal period is heavy but this time its not its only about half that but I duno what this means? PLZZZ HELP ME :(

Answer #9

well im in the same boat I was due yesterday for my period but about 4 to 5 days ago I also had light bleeding which was dark brown/pink.I think it could be implantation bleeding that your having,well I would say take a preg test in a few days time to know for sure and good luck

Answer #10

I really don’t have an answer, because I am in a similiar state as the rest of you. Only my last period was June 2009. I’m 36yrs old, with no kids. My boyfriend and I have recently been having unprotected sex yet never imagined the possibility of anything resulting from it. But I have had some on and off spotting ranging from light pink to dark brown, but never heavy. I took (2) otc pregnacy test and they were positive. I am so afraid to see a doctor though. I am hoping that the tests results are false. Could this be possible? I have felt some light discomfort in the lower adbominal area, basically around the pelvic area.

Answer #11

From experience I know for a fact that implantation bleeding can last up to 10 days. It happened to me before and I didn’t realize that I was pregnant. I was 16 weeks along before I finally missed a period and my baby was fine. Now once again I’m experiencing abnormal bleeding and I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant again. I’ve been bleeding very lightly for 7 days w/ some very mild cramping. Every woman is different and our bodies react differently to pregnancy compared to another woman. If you think you are pregnant take a test if it comes up negative that doesn’t mean you are not pregnant.

Answer #12

Hey! I have been doing some reading about this myself. I found that many say that a woman can spot a few days before her period and during pregnancy. If it’s lasting weeks you could take a pregnancy test . See your doc as well.

Answer #13

hi guys! I hhope you could help me enlighten with my problem. I am so confused right last period feb 15 and this month march 6,7 8 there was like spotting then march 10 came a heavy blackish blood then the color changed a bit lighter on march 12…but why up til now I am still bleeding not heavy though just light…on and off though I dont know what’s happening? could you help me? any ideas?

thank you.

Answer #14

hi I need an awnser please as I am so worried I had my period on the 10th of january and I think I slept with my fiance that night cant remember but its like a a week and a half to 2 weeks away till my period come I’ve had some spotting and cramps and it looks like my breasts are abit swollen my spotting has been like brown then pinky brown then pink then redy pink I dont know whats going on I’ve also had pains going down my thighs please help xxx

Answer #15

I’m in the same boat. Have been ttc since January. I’m due my period today (11/16) but have been having sore and swollen breasts for about 3 weeks now and started to spot last week. Things is its not really blood, more like brown dry blood and only a tiny amount on and off for a week now… I did a test on Saturday which was negative so not sure what to think…

Answer #16

im kinda in the same boat my period last month was normal me and my fiance had unprotected sex on the 27th and was to start on the 4th of july but didn’t I started a week or so later on the 16th but it only lasted 3 days I am a mom to a 2 yr old little boy I never had anything like it before also I took 2 home test and the both were neg and my stomach is jumpy I feel like im gonna get sick at any moment and my boobs feel and look bigger and havin lil cramps but side pain and feel bloated

Answer #17

well I have some of those same signs a week ago I had some light pink blood for one day off and on than on the 9/2 I had some brownish blood spotting off and on for now 3 are 4 days and now its just red blood just a lil heavier than the others but not normal cycle heaver so what should I do my cycle is due on the 7 of this month and iam scared I hope iam pregnant what she I do I took a clear blue and it is neg

Answer #18

I kinda need help with sorda the same thing well see my period last month was december 22 2008-december 25 well me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex january 1st and like I’ve been getting pregnant symptoms like throwing up dizziness and stomach aches but I started my period january 15th and its really heavy but im having a lot of sickness and I need to know if I could be pregnant PLEASE HELP!!

Answer #19

I had no spotting with my first pregnancy. I’m now having implantation spotting/cramping with my second pregnancy (about 12 DPO). It’s been at least 5-6 days, so it really depends on your body, and no one else’s opinion.

Answer #20

I have the same issue- I’m totally confused..I want to be pregnant sooo bad…I’m also discharging brownish blood but so light- my breast are swollen & sore. I’m praying that I am pregnant. I’m due for my period Sept 3rd or 4th. So im not sure if I should take a home pregnancy test- But talking to my friends they all think I am pregnant.

Answer #21

Implantation bleeding usually just lasts a day or two at most, not fourteen days. If you think you are pregnant and are still spotting that much, make sure you talk to your ob-gyn about it.

Answer #22

I have had three kids. with my first I had a full 7 day period for the first 3 months of pregnancy, and then got a positive test. Docs thought I was approximately 6 weeks. when it was time for my ultrasound they discovered that I was almost 7 months instead of 4 months. what I’m saying is that all women are different. I have since had my tubes tied, but experiencing changes in my cycle. it usually comes every 31 days, and has since menses. however, the last two months I have been 7days late, with shorter periods. before they would last 6-7 days now only lasting 2-4 days. I am having symptoms of pregnancy, yet still have negative tests. so I say, keep track of cycles,you know your body and what is normal, if something seems off go to a Doctor, or Gyno. Only they can say for sure what is going on. Pregnancy tests only test for a hormone present during pregnancy, and can be unreliable. some women don’t develop enough of the hormone to register on a test, in the beginning of pregnancy.

Answer #23

I had a miscarriage back in june,and have found out im pregnant again on friday I was having cramps but no bleeding,my hcg came back at 840 I will be about 4 weeks,but these past 2 days I have been bleeding not as much as a period,but im worried all the same it is kind of a reddy orange colour and smells kinda metal,I havent had any cramps again since I’ve been bleeding,has anyone else had this and if so what was the outcome

Answer #24

I’ve been having light brownish bleeding for 7 days now and I took 2 otc pregnancy test and they both came back positive. I am a little worried… Is this normal??

Answer #25

I Have a question

I was on the depo for 2 years and have now been off it for 8 months, the past 4 months I have bleed nonstop with somtimes mild cramping but hardly ever cramping at all. Now I have suddenly stopped bleeding for a week now I am confused about whats going on but I dont want to go to the doctors because my friend says its normal after coming off the depo ( I am not naive enough to beleive just my friend but googling hasnt helped me at all )

write soon

Answer #26

hey im going through it right now…me and my fiance want a baby so bad and have been trying this month when I ovulated the next day started to spotit was lite pink,then redish,then started to look like a regular period …its been 9 days now im scared dont know what 2 do. could I be pregnant…please help me

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