Is spotting after my period implantation bleeding?

If im prego what are some adorable girl names I was thinking about constance marie but I need help because I need a boys name in case I have a boy so thank you I also wanted to know if what I had was implantation bleeding cuzz if it was im sure im prego I had spotted 3 days after my period and I never spotted before and I hope im pregnant me and my fiance would be really pleased! Ty brit

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Wanting a baby and actually trying are two totally different things. You really need to think things through and realize what you are doing.
Education >> Career >> Wedding >> Financially stable >> Then baby.
Skipping the steps is a bad mistake, and a baby resulting in that mistake... not a good idea.

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yeah I am and im happy! im not trying to be rude or anything but its what I've always wanted ever since I was 14

What's implantation bleeding like; is it like a period?
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If you don't know if you are pregnant, I don't see why you would pick names yet. Even if you are, you'd have lots of time. Your the same age as me and already engaged and trying for a baby? Wooowww!

What is implantation bleeding and how long can it last?
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Girl shut up if she want a baby thats her business you aint her mama. So mind your business

Spotting, is it implantation bleeding?

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