How long does birth control pills start to take in effect?

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it is very possible to become pregnant before the pills take effect.

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7 days

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7 days.

Most doctors and gynos will tell you a month or longer so you get in the habit of taking a pill daily. (since one missed pill increases your chances of pregnancy.)


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My doctor told me its not fully effective till at least 3 months, that seems like a while though so I'm not positive about it.

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what if I like took it for four days.n had sex.will I gat pregnant??

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Wait a min. So you are telling me that when you start taking the pill in takes 3 MONTHS to work???
That doesn't sound right at all!

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boys have a penis and girls have a vagina!!!

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You should consult the leaflet that came with your pills. It will tell you.


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I just got a new kind last week and the nurse told me a month. Maybe it depends on your type of pill? Ask your pharmacist or doctor.

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boys have a penis and girls have a vagina!!!

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