How long does a belly button piercing take to heal?

I had my belly button pierced yesterday. I felt a bit of pain, but when the bar was put in, the pain went away. I’ve had no problems with it at all. No bleeding. I only have slight bruising. How long does a belly button piercing take to heal completely?

Answer #1

I had mine done two days ago it hurt a little bit but it stoped after aout 5seconds. I have been using lavender oil which they gave me… but mine is pretty sore… I would recomend getting it done they look fab :)

Answer #2

I just got mine done the 3 days ago. I am not really sure how long it will take(it is a little red), but seems to be doing well, but the piercer said I could get it changed in a couple of weeks and put in something nicer. Is that too soon? He also said to use antibacterial soap as well.

Answer #3

A completely healed belly button piercing can take up to one and a half years.

Belly button piercings can be difficult to heal because of exposure to poorly chlorinated waters; also clothing and sweat can irritate the piercing.

Factors that can slow the healing process include bad quality jewelry, stress, illness, lack of proper care and a poor diet.

If not cared for properly a belly button piercing can take 1-2 years to heal and is an easy target for recurring infection.

Wish you luck =]

Answer #4

everybodys different. everybodys bodies dont respond to certain things the same way, so nobody is really wrong about the healing time, okay? it can take newhere from 3 months to a year to a year and a half. I have 9 piercings and I have used H2Ocean fer all of my piercings except my first few earrings, I have my monroe done, smiley, belly button, and ears like a million times and I’ve never had an infection in them due to H2Ocean. it costs about 10 bucks or so at a local tattoo parlor. just watever you do dont play with it and dont take it out fer at least 2 months then you can change it…but then again as I said earlier everybody heals differently so, hey, it may only take like 3 weeks fer you to be able to change it. listen to your body, itll tell you when its ready. :).

Answer #5

For the cheerleader, I advice for you not to get it done now since you have cheerleading practice. You have to jump around and do splits and jumps so NO wait first! lol… I got my belly done about a week ago and its already healing. I’m dying to change the ring! lol but I guess I have to wait until it completely heals…lol I use H2OCEAN IT’S REALLY GOOD! it refreshes my belly ring, everytime I put it on, and it also reileves the itchiness I get sometimes. I love my belly ring, I can’t wait to show it off! lol

Answer #6

dont get it done right before cheerleading season, if you do competitions, then you have to take it out, and if its not fully healed, you can’t take the peircing out.

im a cheerleader to, I had to wait till cheer was over. It can get ripped out in practice if your not careful. which, to point out the obvious would hurt.

Answer #7

Ok so YOU cant clean it with rubbing alcohol are you kidding me !!! l have all the papers with me because l got mine done !!

Buy blue wave . It’s a saline spray-rinse use it 2-3 times a day or take a shower and clean it with dial , when you dry it DONT USE A TOWEL because there’s a lot of bacteria and germs that will get in it NOT GOOD!!

try to avoid trauma or playing with you’re piercing ! Also use of ALCOHOL ! , HYDROGEN PEROXIDE , BETAINE , HIBICLEANS , OR OINTMENTS !!!

No oral contact , or rough play or any contact with other people’s body fluids.

Don’t go in waters such as lakes, pools hot tubs ,jacuzzis or marine water , etc.

No lotions and things like that !!!

Don’t pick at the crust no matter what ! Thats why you need to clean it !!

Answer #8

the person above is wrong. I got mine done & it healed up in bout 3 or 4 months. I mean you got to keep cleaning it. with contact cleaner. like the stuff you put your contacts in. im not sure what its called. & clean it with H2Ocean, OR a product from your piercer. its going to hurt alil while & some days you will have bad pain in your stomach. but trust me it will work :]

Answer #9

For the cheerleader, NO don’t get it done during cheerleading season because you have to do splits, jumps and flips so NO! not a good idea, wait for it. I got mine done about a week ago and it is already healing. It’s a little pink, but it does not hurt at all. I’m using h2ocean for it. It’s so good, it refreshes my belly button and it also reileves the itchiness I get sometimes around the ring. I cant wait to change it already! lol but I know that I have to wait until its completely healed, which sucks…lol It’s so sexy I cant wait to show it off! lol

Answer #10

I got mine done a month ago! it is doing pretty well. no infections, thank God! I have this stuff called H20, it is ocean salt water in a spray can- haha- but it works so wonderfully! seriously, I did not have any infections. now, I am a thorough cleaner. .and a little ocd about it. but it is pretty and I love it everyday :) sometimes it is a little sore if I touched it a lot (which seeing as it is an open wound that is healing, that makes sense) the soreness is a lot like when my ears were healing. anyway, there are many days where I don’t even notice, I can tug on it and no pain or discomfort. go get it pierced!!! just take care of it friends :)

Answer #11

I got a piercing done almost three weeks ago and it is tender to the touch.It is a little bruised,maybe because the ring is resting on my skin.It looks cute bute I’m really afraid that it might get infected.Iwish it did’nt have to take so long to heal.I went and got it checked by a professional and she said it was doing good so I feel a little better but I have a long way to go for the healing to complete.:-(

Answer #12

Well..actually one and a half years is approximately the maximum it can take hence the ‘belly button piercing CAN take up to one and a half years’ It all depends on the factors I stated above =]

Answer #13

ok I want my belly button pieced soon but I have cheerleading on august 24th would it hurt or no, is it to get it now instead of cheerleading season?

Answer #14

Patches 15, I’m in EXACTLY the same situation, [I’m 14 as well] Get it done, how many times does he see your stomach?

Answer #15

I got mine done in june 20th and its now sept 25th some days it feels like its healed so I can change it like its nothing but other days like 2day it hurts like hell to change so im just ganna wait like a week and try again

Answer #16

well I just got my belly button periced today.. and he said to come back in a month.. or to and it should be healed with the stuff he had me use the H20 cean purified spray. I love it and want to change the barbeal already I say go for it. it doesnt hurt like that efore your brain can send the signal to your belly button it is done it really is worth it I love mine

Answer #17

it can taken about 6 months to a year

Answer #18

I got mine done a year ago and I took it out after a month to clean it fully and put the same bar back in, it has just about healed though sometimes it does get sore and crusty you just have to really keep on top of cleaning it. but its different for everyone some peoples heal quite quickly and others tend to drag out a bit longer, but id say it will be fully healed after about a year

Answer #19

I am hitting about to hit 8 months and mine still hasn’t completely healed yet. so I agree with the person that said that it can take more than a year to heal. because it does depend on the factors. because when you first get it done, its done with silver but if you don’t work well with silver and don’t change to cold, you will have issues

Answer #20

my hasnt healed compLeteLy and it’s been 5 months but I doubt its infected. and when I put in a new piercing, it slightly bleeds. I don’t know if it’s because I’m allergic to metaL or the fake siLver jeweLry cus as a chiLd I’d get rashes thanks to the jean’s button. soo..??

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