How long do cigerettes show up on a drug test?

ok heres what happend…im under 18 years old…I got caught with weed.. and now I have to take drug tests..I just started smoking cigs like 5 days ago and I have a test coming up will the cigs show up on the test?im under 18 so if they show up im f*cked.

Answer #1

it takes about 2 weeks, thats what I heard. drink lots of apple and cranberry juice (that breaks it up in your system a lot quicker!)

Answer #2

fags dont show up on a drug test lol if it does thn im screwed I dont do drugs I cant stand it bt sme eh ma pals do so I hae ti go for one and I smoke lol

Answer #3

tabacco is kind of a drug, I know this isn’t what you asked, but please stop. I used 2 smoke and my friends helped me quit, it screwed my voice up, it was hard to quit, but you just started, so for your own good, and for a longer life, quit.

Answer #4

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I don’t think that the drug test tests for nicotine. To find out for sure, call the place that does the test and find out what all it test for.

Since you have only been smoking a week, now would be the perfect time to quit. You’re not yet addicted. Once you become addicted, you will find that cigarettes are one of the hardest addictions to quit that there is. Not only would quitting now save you a lot of health problems in the future but it would also save you a lot of money.

Answer #5

No they don’t show up on a drug test. No worries.

Answer #6

30 days

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