How long does it take for a pitbull to be in heat?

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Every dog is different... some do only come into heat once a year... for various reasons.
Don't let ANY dog breed before she is 2 years old. She runs the risk of many complications to her and the puppies, even death to all.

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My Boxers only come in heat once a year? I don't know anything about Pit's really but they are about the same size and simular dogs.

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I sure hope and pray that you will not allow your pit to breed too early because that is not good physically for her. And when you sell them, please do not allow them to fight. I sold pits for a few years and I talked to each one and told them I didn't believe it was right to fight their dogs. I had them sign a contract that stated that they would not fight their dog and that nobody would be allowed to use the dog for fighting. I hope you will do the same. God bless

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Pit Bulls generally come into their first heat at approximately 6 months of age. It usually lasts for about 21 day, and happens like twice a year.

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All female dogs go into heat twice a year {every 6 months} and are in heat for 3 weeks!

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