How? is it possible to get ink poisining from henna tattoos?

I had a henna/jagua tatto and there was a cut inder it and now it is red and it burns?? what could it be? Is it serious?? Should I go to the doctor? Help me!!! It really hurts!!

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I didnt have a cut before its from the metal applicator!! its is constenly burning and itching!! and its bright red!

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No, you can't. The cut may have been infected by something else. Stop freaking out and get a band aid and something to clean the wound with and you'll be fine. If it get's worse then visit the good ol' doc.

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No you can't, my biology teacher said it's all lies. She made us put marker all over our hands just to prove it. LOL. But if it does get's worst go to a doctor, might be infected. just to be on the safe side.


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