Where can i get a henna tattoo kit?

What type of places would I find a Henna tattoo kit at? How much does it usually cost around? And does it come in black ink? I've heard that it usually comes in brown. Thanks!

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You can find henna kits at an Indian culture store. They have the best henna tattooing kits and stencils. You can also buy cheap ones at Walmart but they are fake ones. They don't contain the real herb that is used in the Indian kits. I haven't tried henna before so I can't really review much. You can also get a henna done at a salon. Henna's usually range from $10- $45. I think henna does come in black ink but I've heard that they are more dangerous. Good luck!

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I've seen Henna tattoo kits at Sally's Beauty shop.

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Thank you. I was hoping someone would say that. :)
I live really close to a Sally's.

How? Is it possible to get ink poisining from henna tattoos?
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Oh, good :) <3 Yay.

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