How does music help you?

Music is my therapy. it helps me relax and focus. it gives me enrgy when I need it and gives me somehtign to look forward to. Its always there to rely on. How does it help you?

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Music is my get-away. It's my escape from reality, from all the stress, problems, and anxieties of the world. It is one of the best forms of therapy in my opinion. lol

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It helps me get my me on!! Lol. What I mean by that is music is like my coffee in the morning. It brings me back to the memories I had when I was younger and makes me think a lot. Thats what most rock songs do to ya!! =]]


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I play the violin, it helps me get rid of stress and helps me relax and focus on skewl wrk!!!

my violin teacher told me that
lol it wrks though

Music Help
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Music makes one feel relax and calm.. or say content , feel free... If you stuck with your busy schedule, then tune into live radio online on

Music help!!!

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