How do you send songs from your computer to your cell phone?

I have an lg chocolate, an I was wonderin if its possible 2 send songs from itunes to a cell phone. can you use bluetooth?

Answer #1

If you have this problem I would like to suggest you that there must be your friend or best it will be preferable to purchase a USB device which is different for different cell phone

Answer #2

the music put on my phone is stored in a way that you cant use it as a ringtone. the music is only accesable in the music player on my phone. I tried tonethis but my phone wont download the links

Answer #3

NONNONNONO, alll those are wrong. lol. here;

  1. go to walmart and my an SD card that comes with an adapter. the adapter will allow you to put it in the computer in a USB hole.

  2. put the SD card in the SD slot in your phone.

  3. Go to your pictures, videos, and others and click “manage whatever here” then hit move to card.

NOW, to get music on your phone.

  1. get an .mp3 file from your computer, and put your SD card in your adapter then put in the computer. once the folders come up, click “my music”.

  2. open the folder where all your .mp3s are and click and drag them over to the “my music” folder, and there you go :) hope it helped! I do this on a daily basis.

Answer #4

yes you can shea1012 many people use this to get songs its easy and free okay!! thanks for tha advice shollyz!!

Answer #5

you would need to get an sd card. for your phone on then go on a sight were they have free music downloads. and do it from off there, then send it. or if you have a U.S Cellular Company you can go to,

Answer #6

I have a HTC Touch Diamond, It’s very confusing. Does anyone know how to send songs from your laptop to you device.

If you have any idea, Please help me out Cheers.

Answer #7

Go suck your dad

Answer #8

does anyone know how to put the bluetooth on your laptop?

Answer #9

I have ad LG cell phone an I want to send songs so I can lisen to my mp3 player how can I do that

Answer #10

no you can’t.

Answer #11

You should get a USB drive or something with your phone that you can connect to your computer… = )

Answer #12

you can go onto and it has free music and also music to buy…it sends to your text messages then you open and save the sound in your sounds file!

Answer #13

Im not sure if you can use bluetooth from your computer … I know some laptops have bluetooth so that might work.

I have a mini SD chip in my phone.. so I just connect my phone to the comp and put music on there that way.

Also- If you you have a friend will full songs on their phone you can have them bluetooth it to you that way

Answer #14

I’m having the same problem… I tried using my sd but when I try to copy a song onto my memory card it says it’s write-protected.. Am I doing something wrong?

Answer #15

Heyy, Your best bet would be to buy a Bluetooth Dongle, they range from £15 - £30… you just plug them into the usb onto your pc and you can send files to your phone via bluetooth and put files onto your laptop the same way Or you could just get a usb for your phone Hope I helped x

Answer #16

if you have bluetooth devic wit you so put it on computer and swich on your bluetooth in your mobil so you can easly send songs from computer

Answer #17

You can send it in 2ways. (1)by using compatible USB port that suit your phone (2) by using bluetooth,only if your computer has this facility.

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