How do you save the planet?

How do you save the planet?

Answer #1

Launch all politicians into space - a one-way trip.

Answer #2

Well you on your own can’t (lol) but you van just kinda conserve energy by switching things off at the sockets rather athn on standby and stuff. Turn lights off - all that malarky!

Answer #3

the little things help more than you think…simple things like dont use more than you actually need to, turn off the electricity when you aren’t using it, save water when you can…things like that

Answer #4

just do the right thing (e.g. not cutting trees, proper disposal of garbage so on..)

reuse, remodel, recycle..and whatever..

Answer #5

thats impossible

Answer #6

We’ve been using canvass bags for groceries for years. I live in a country right now where I have to drink bottled water, but we buy the 5 gallon bottles, and we ‘refill’ the smaller ones when we take them with us.

Every little bit helps. I work in a project that is trying to preserve the natural wildlife of Indonesia and it’s rain forests. A very important part of southeast Asia.

If we all do what we can, a difference can be made.

Answer #7

I re-cycle :) x

Answer #8

just try little things like not useing a car as much, turn off the lights, use less water, ect

Answer #9

hasint that been happening for a very long time

Answer #10

what are we saving the world from exactly

Answer #11

I recycle! Hopefully thats a good start!

Answer #12

Call superman.

Answer #13


Answer #14

Turning off the pipes when not in use, recycle bottles..

Answer #15

well, you should save energy. like resting. I said that bec. it says that energy cannot be made nor destroyed and time will come that all energy on earth will be gone.

Answer #16

To:useraaron2131… yeah it has been happening for a while…just that we need to stop it!

Answer #17

To: useraaron2131 pollution , animals dying , green house gases , water shortage , childrens futures…and so fourth!

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