How do you pray?

how are you suppose to pray? and why doesnt god answer many prayers?

Answer #1

*very good answer confusedx0gurl… Smart girl…

**&&… to you jimahl… if there is so much more to life THAN (I’m sure you meant to type) contemplating the supernatural, then I would guess there is more to life than keeping up with people on message boreds about something you dont believe in, Right? The question wasnt DOES God exist or Explain to me why YOU dont think there is a God, the question was…’’how are you suppose to pray? and why doesnt god answer many prayers?’’’ Incase you have forgotten. He didnt ask you to tell him why you do or dont believe in God, or even what your religion was. He simply asked ‘’how are you suppose to pray? and why doesnt god answer many prayers?’’’ If you want to go answer a question that would more pertain to your answers, I wouldnt be bothered. But you shouldnt be discouraging this Christian by telling him God does not exist. Thank You.

Answer #2

to pray, you begin with praise and thanksgiving, then you must get forgiveness for any sin because if you dont then He will not hear your prayer, then you make any requests known to Him, and He promises He will hear you. Then you end with praises. It doesn’t have to be real spiritual or deep or anything, but just as you normally speak. And also, just because you dont get an answer right away, doesn’t mean He didnt hear you or your prayer was not successful. It could mean a number of things, (for ex. your prayer was too small and He has something biggger for you) you just have to remember that He knows all, sees all, and can do all. He knows what you dont know, thats why the bible says trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. His understanding is infinite and He promises that in the end all things will work together for your good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Hope this helps!

Answer #3

God doesn’t answer your prayers because he doesn’t exist…

Answer #4

so, since God dosnt exist, He just answers SOME OF HIS QUESTONS. If he dosnt exist, who the heck is answering his paryers. lol? Sorry, that one made me laugh. Do you have a sence of humor? I do.

Answer #5

You guys are really funny. So because I am interested in religion from a sociallogical point of view, I am really searching for god somehow. The only thing I am interested in is reducing religions influence on society. I think it is harmful, and creates divisiveness. You two seem rather threatened by that.

Answer #6

Yea I guess you are right pipet, Like I said a long time ago… You wouldnt respond to something you werent interested in, Like I said, Do you respond to people who post things like “do pigs fly?” No, we think its absurd and go on with our bizz not paying any attention to them, haha. : ] I just have a sence of humor, does anyone else?

Answer #7

I have nothing to get over. I did not start this. I gave my answer to the question, and you chose to criticize it, and me. But that is not a problem, it is a public board. But you seem to think I had no right to respond in the first place because the poster is christian and I am not. I have every right to do so, and I will continue to do so in the future.

Answer #8

God definitely answers prayers - sometimes it’s ‘no’ - sometimes ‘yes’ (often in unexpected ways) - sometimes ‘not yet’.

Answer #9

“How are you supposed to pray?”

  In a quiet meditative manner.

  “What purpose does prayer serve?”

  I’ve Prayer tunes you in

  1. The purpose of prayer is as a tuning device.

  2. Prayer tunes entities into singleness of being and Harmoniousness of purpose.

  3. “Our God, our Guides, and fellow Spirits, we thank Thee for Thy countenance. Pray continue to abide with us.”

  4. “We are thankful for this past day, And pray that we have grown along the Way; In sleep we turn in search of Thee, For Knowledge, Wisdom and Harmony.”

  5. “We thank Thee for another day, That we may Love and Grow along the Way; Pray guide our feet where they may go, That we may help all others Grow.”

  “Why doesn’t God answer prayers?”

  God doesn’t answer prayers because God exists outside of the universe and time and is not involved in the activities that take place within the universe.

  “Is God actively involved?”  


  in my opinion

  1. God created/caused our spirits (entities) along with the universe to come into being. God established the purpose for it all but doesn’t involve Its self in the continuance or activities of same.

  2. “Sin” is man’s concept and is utilized by men to control other men. The human caused “negative events” that take place are circumstances that are considered by us in the non-life experience between incarnations as we evaluate the successes and failures we made as we attempted to achieve our goals during our incarnations.

  3. The Bible (and similar religious books) is a necessary concoction created by man to control man and his environment. It was necessary because mankind, in its infancy, did not have the medical and technological knowledge to conquer and understand its environment so had to be controlled by superstitions which were found to save lives and further the survivability of the various human societies.

Why did God make the world?

in my opinion, God diversified Itself into Its many parts and charged those parts (entities) to go forth and acquire knowledge and experience and to then return to the Oneness of God.

The entities caused the creation of the universe and everything therein and individually choose to inhabit the physical bodies.

The entities may incarnate/reincarnate many times before gravitating back into the Oneness of God.


Speculation: 1 Is God necessary?


There has to be a Source from which the “big bang” sprang forth Creating the universe.

Speculation: 2 What is God?

God is the ultimate Cause.

God is the Creative Entity, Energy or Force from which all is derived.

Speculation: 3 Where is God?

God is in a state of awareness that is outside the universe.

God has morphed part of Itself into those entities (spirits) that inhabit the universe and the physical bodies within.

Speculation: 4 Why is God?

God Is because God Is.

God is eternal, existing independent of time or the universe.

Speculation: 5 Is God concerned?


God is not concerned with the daily functioning of the universe or matters within it. That is our domain and subject to our whim.

Speculation: 6 What are we?

We are the spirits (entities) of God.

God morphed into Us and we continue to create according to God’s purpose.

Our physical bodies are simply the means we use to experience and function in the physical dimension.

Speculation: 7 Why are we?

We are for the purpose of gaining knowledge and experience.

In the end, we gravitate back into the Oneness of God allowing for the fulfillment of God.

Speculation: 8 Evolution

Evolution is simply a tool of Creation.

The entities often influence the direction of evolution along desired paths.

From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

Answer #10

No, not threatened in the least.

No the kid didn’t ask if god exists. He asked why god doesn’t answer some of his prayers. I answered as I saw fit. Get over it.

Answer #11

There were two questions… “and why doesnt god answer many prayers?”

Again, I gave a one sentence answer, and you chose to criticize it.

“so, since God dosnt exist, He just answers SOME OF HIS QUESTONS. If he dosnt exist, who the heck is answering his paryers. lol? Sorry, that one made me laugh. Do you have a sence of humor? I do.”

This doesn’t even make the slightest sense. I believe my original answer still stands.

“He doesn’t answer your prayers because god doesn’t exist.”

How is that in anyway contridictory? I do not suggest in my answer that any of his prayers were answered.

Glad I made you laugh… I guess.

Answer #12

Yo. The kid didnt asked “does God exist” and he didnt say he never answered prayers. Did he? Didnt think so. thats my only problem. Now its takin care of. Thank You.

Answer #13

dont listen to jimahl.

I promise he exists, I dont know what hes doing answering your question… If he didnt believe in God he should stop giving him any of his time… like answering to your post… GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND.


Answer #14

threatend by you? or by what your saying? Along with not beliving in God, are you also Crazy? I’m not threatened by anything you say. nor write. I really could careless about what you belive, but I dont think you should be trying to discourage people from their own belifs, unless they ask that question “does God exist” or somthing that would give you reason of making that point, unless you were threatend? lol I dont know, I dont get you Jimahl

Answer #15

wow… How do you pray…

There is only one answer to that… And its just to “talk” to God. Talk to him like you would anyone. You know, You dont even have to pray “out loud” you dont have to close your eyes… All you have to do is “talk” to God. Leave everything in his hands.

God answers prayers. I promise you this. He is an amazing God!! And trust me.. He answers prayers. He might not answer them like or when you want him to. But if you put your faith in him long enough, your time will come. People sometimes think when we pray God should answer our prayers RIGHT THEN! Or how we ask him to, But some of the things you might be asking for are maybe not what GOD wants for you. Sometimes we think that WE know how our life should go and WE know whats BEST for US. But really God knows, and we have to compleatly give our all to Him in order for Him to answer our prayers and give us the life he has intended for us to have…

Hope this helps! Have a Blessed day, and I will keep you in my prayers… 0:)

Answer #16

jimahl, Dude, Get over it.

Seriously. He didnt ask “Why doesn’t God answer Prayers”

He asked why he doesnt ansewr many. There for God must have answerd some or at least one for him to ask why he hasnt answerd many. NOT ALL.

Second, I’ve got back to you, in responce as you did me. Remember, this is a public board. We can say what we want to whom we choose as long as its not violating the terms of use and reguations. Am I right? I have no problem with you… As a person. If you gave me a chance you might see something you have yet to notice about me. But your too stuck on this petty arguement to even see clearly. I simpily stated my answer as did you.

You dont have to respond to me, nor is it mandatory that I respond to you. its a conversation that obviously interests us both, Dont like it… Leave.

Anyways, I have no beef with you jimahl.

Answer #17

YOUR QUESTION: “”how are you suppose to pray? and why doesnt god answer many prayers?”””

MY ANSWER: “”There is no certain way to pray. God is your dad talk to him like you would any body else. God does answer prayers the problem is that he doesnt answer them when we want him to. Some of them arent his will. God doesnt have time like you and I do a year to us is only a second to him. He isnt a magic genie.”””

if you have any questions on what I said dont be shy to message me =)

Answer #18

The only thing I said was “God doesn’t answer your prayers because he doesn’t exist.”

I offered nothing else. It is my opinion, and I have every right to express it. I didn’t slam anyone, I am not arguing. I am having a discussion. You are the one who actually started the discussion by commenting on my post. And as I said, the discussion must threaten you in someway because you keep reacting with anger, and keep trying to imply motives that don’t exist in my post. If you don’t like what I say, and want to post your opinion of it, that’s fine. If you don’t want me to respond to your criticism, than don’t post it. The choice is yours.

Answer #19

Carisem, I am not sure what your beef is with me, but get over it.

The question he asked was why doesn’t god answer prayers, and I gave a one sentence response. A very valid response based on my beliefs. This is a public message board, and I have every right to answer questions as you do. You are the one who chose to comment on my answer and told the poster not to listen to me. I have no problem with you doing that, but don’t be surprised when I respond back. I am just stating my opinion, and I am not trying to convince YOU of anything. I realize you are way to steeped in the supernatural to be swayed by a poster on a message baord.

Answer #20

Asking “do pigs fly?” does not cause anyone any harm. Organized religion has caused so much misery in this world, and I will speak out against it every chance I get.

If you don’t like my posts, then don’t respond to them. I could care less.

Answer #21

“ I dont know what hes doing answering your question”

It’s an open board, people can post whatever responses they want as long as they don’t violate the terms of the website. He’s an atheist sharing his views on this question. Don’t try to make the response something it’s not, like time being given to God

Answer #22

same advice to you my friend…(dont like it, dont resopnd) and I will keep you in my prayers as well. As far as Organized… hahaha. Not so much. Who thought you what you believe in, or to go with or against Christianity? Not so much “organized” my friend. May God be with you,… :)

Answer #23

The only response I had for you was one that was directed at me. Your initial response was not to a post directed at you directly. If you repsond to me, I will respond back.

I assume you meant to type who taught me what I believe in. I was brought up catholic, alter boy and all. I shed that crutch a long time ago, and have never found any reason to go back. I found my own way through reason and intelligence. Not by taking, without question, the words of book written by superstitious men 1700 years ago.

There is so much more to life that contemplating the supernatural.

Answer #24

Similar to the previous posting,

Christians believe that God answers all prayers. Unfortunately, he answers them at a time of his chosing and sometimes, for reasons that cannot be understood, his answer is no.

Answer #25

Ok, I answerd this persons question, How to pary and why God dosnt answer some questions. I didnt come on here trying to slam what he believes. He didnt ask if you believed in God, or even if I did. OK? You got it yet? I freakin hope so because arguing with you about this is getting on my last nerve. IF I didnt believe, TRUST ME honey, I wouldnt be standing up for somthing I didnt believe in! You are rediculous. Seriously. Answer questions, with your opinion… The questions people answer, not try to slam someones belifes. Make sure its the answer your after, not the people.

Answer #26

Oh by the way God does answer prayer. One important thing you all forgot was sometimes God doesn’t answer prayer because of on repented sin in our life.

Psalms 66:18 says “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the LORD will not hear me”.

Answer #27

jimahl you are the one who is acting threatened.

Answer #28

Oh yeah, God answered 2 of my prayers, I prayed that I would get first chaire flute player and I did! And I prayed uncle dave would have his cancer cured and it was! Or maybe he answers none of them. Maybe because those things happen by chance, and God doesn’t exist.

Answer #29

leave jimahl alone he is still looking for God or he wouldn’t be here in this site. the more he tries to convince him self there is no God he proves there is. becuase people don;t fight against nothing

pray is a conversation. the answers are in the bible

Answer #30

God answers all your prayers, maybe not at the time you want them to be answered but he answers them. and he does it in ways you couldn’t even think about. I know that it may seeem like he doesn’t, but he really does, it just takes time.

Answer #31

“God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.”

And why would God do that? Does that seem like the actions of a benevolent, loving God who cares for his people?

“If you would honestly study the Bible you would find it to be true.”

Many people have studied the Bible, and found it to be inaccurate, and unsatisfying. I am one of them. You actually have to read the whole thing.

Answer #32

if he wasnt concerned about it he wouldnt care, or stop by to share his views on something that doesnt exist, wouldnt you think? Obviously the person asking the question is a Christian, Have you looked at all his questions. And being a Christian my self, I wouldnt answer to something I didnt believe in. When people ask a question like… “do pigs fly” I think in my head, what a rediculious question and go on with my day…


Answer #33

If you aren’t threatened, then why did you respond to me with such vitriol?

People are always trying to discourage me from my beliefs. Anytime I express my beliefs on this site, I am challenged. This is a discussion board. If your beliefs are that strong, my challenges should mean nothing to them. It makes me think your beliefs are not that strong.

Answer #34

carisem- Awesome answers…l. agree totally.

Answer #35

The bible says that when we ask according to his will, that we will have what we ask. The key is “his will”.

Answer #36

get over it. That wasnt the queston.

Answer #37

It depends what religon you r if you dont know your religion your retarted

Answer #38

thank you much girl!! :)

Answer #39

LOL, thats what I thought pipet! lol haha.

Exactly my thoughts.

Answer #40

The Bible says in First Corinthians 1:27 that God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.

Unfortunately your intelligence has missed the mark. The Bible also says come let us reason together. If you would honestly study the Bible you would find it to be true. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

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