How do you make your hair grow faster?

I want my hair to grow longer faster, any tips on how I can do that?

Answer #1

to the people that are saying “dont trim your hair”: if you have damaged hair or use heating tools or dye it, the ends often split and can easily break off. if you take about a half an inch off every month or so, it will take care of those dead ends so that your hair won’t break off. fried hair will do nothing for u. only healthy hair will grow so try to keep your hair as healthy as possible and trim those dead ends whenever it is needed

Answer #2

Dont wash your hair too much, the greasier it is, the quicker it grows.

Answer #3

If you straighten your heair, STOP! [for about 4 weeks] you have to let it breathe. hair care products such as leave in shampoo, to make hair stronger and shinier, HELP! my hair is just below my breasts and it took me about 3 months to get it that length from shoulder length.

Answer #4

I have tried many things for growing my hair but nothin has helped. hair growth is from god.

Answer #5

Hi my name is jesse and i want some tips on how to not go bald.

Answer #6

patience is a virtue

Answer #7

Biotin is a great supplement to take. It helps your skin, hair and nails.

Answer #8

All trimming the ends does, is cut off the split ends, your hair is dead when it comes out of your head, inside it grows, but outside, it’s practically dead…

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Answer #10

use herbal oil wit Vitamins D, E or A. (see pic)

Answer #11

You can’t control the speed of it - you can only make it healthier, but you can’t make it grow faster. Trim the ends every couple of months, use conditioner and eat healthy and your hair will keep growing healthy too.

Answer #12

Patients . .

Answer #13

I dont understand how trimming would make it grow faster. hair grows from the top not the bottom. I can only assume that because the end of the hair is weaker, it breaks easier so if that part is trimmed off, then it will take a while for it to become brittle and so will not break as easily. basically, with trimming, hair grows at the same rate it always does, but if its trimmed then you may see a difference more because the ends arent breaking off as quick as it’s growing. trimming should be very minimal tho. not whole chunks. x

Answer #14

prenatal vitamins I use them and it works it also makes your nails grow fast. your hair grows about 1/2 an inch. with the prenatal vitamins it grows about 2inch a month or more if you take ‘em every day.

Answer #15

Trim your hair. Obviously some people know nothing about hair. Unless you want a head full of brittle split ends trim it. If you don’t, the split at the tip your hair you keep splitting all the way up to your roots. Ultimately causing the hair strand to dry out and fall out.

Answer #16

Im not sure if this actually works, but massage your scalp 5 mins nightly and when your done, take small sections of hair and pull hard enough to feel it, but not so hard that it kills. Don’t use chemicals or heatstyle and you should be good. Mine seems to be growing faster.

Answer #17

The reason to trim you hair is to cut off the dead and split ends. That makes your hair healthier. Just dont take too much off let your hair grow an inch then only cut a half inch off.

Answer #18

The main thing is to drink loads of water, my friend was trying to grow hers and it really did help x

Answer #19

100 brushes a day makes the dead stands go away. just make sure you rhairs not wet! ohhh and message your head. if you ahve a boyfriend. it feeels sooo much better!

Answer #20

all of you are saying trim your hair. dont trim your hair! its common knowledge that your hair grows from the scalp. trimming your hair makes it shorter..not longer.

Answer #21
  1. take your vitamins! If you can’t swallow the thought of popping a pill, then at least eat your way to healthy hair. A well balanced diet of foods rich in vitamin A, B, C and especially E are all essential for growing healthy hair. Foods that are rich in iron and zinc have been proven to encourage hair growth. If you don’t care for beef, try fish, raisins, spinach, beans and yogurt, which are also great sources for protein.

  2. Get rid of the dead ends.

  3. Get out and move. Everyday stress and no exercise have actually shown slower growth to hair. Getting a good night’s sleep (at least 7 hours) and putting your worries to bed, combined with a daily exercise regimen can improve not only your hair’s growth, but your health as well.

  4. Treat your hair with care. If you want your hair to grow, you must take care of your hair. Don’t brush wet hair unless you want to damage it. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for your hair type. Skip the heated styling tools, perms and dyes as often as you can, and avoid any unnecessary rough stuff that can cause your hair to break.

I got them from the internet, hope it helps

Answer #22

Hey, I was suffering from hair loss so my tips should help you grow faster hair, since they help me go from a sparse head of hair to partially full. First, eat more vegetables, especially spinach and ceasar salads. Second get a good hair growth product propecia and rogain are chemical products for thinning; Beauty 4 Ashes makes all natural products specifically for hair growth. I used their ayurvedic scalp gel and it worked. Lastly, wash your hair at least 2 to 3 times per week. Hair can’t grow if you have a dirty or damaged scalp with loaded with scarring or dandruff.

Answer #23

try tomato rub it all around you’re head my friend did that since she was 3 now its pretty

Answer #24

I am a teacher at a local beauty school and have been for quit some time, a lot of people are saying to not trim youre hair, DO trim your hair because if you have split ends they will keep splitting all the way to the root and eventually will break off at the ends, trim it about every 3 months, there is nothing you can do to make it grow faster, it grows 1 inch a month, but if its not healthy, it will just keep breaking off, a proven self tested method is after getting out of the shower put BioSilk on the ends (avoid root because it will make it greasy) and let it air dry, wash your hair every other day, use minimal heat, DO NOT put any styling products on hair before using heat, use low heat settings, avoid heat on ends of hair, and if you can afford when use that(, if not use Pantene ProV Moisture Renewal! I promise this will work! You will notice a difference in your hair even after doing this for just 2 weeks! after 2 months you will notice a huge difference in length and texture!

Answer #25

Your hair grows 1 half of an inch each 1 to 2 months at a time. Regardless of the type of hair you have. Following those guidlines will not increase the speed of your hair growth I know because I have tried them, as well as the shampoos that are suppose to make your hair grow faster they do NOT WORK.

These steps I have will not increase the speed but will keep your scalp healthier and your hair healthier so that you will be sure that your hair will grow 1 half of an inch each 1 to 2 months at a time, and not worry about any slow-growth here are some good steps.

  1. Avoid a lot of salt.
  2. Drink lots of purified water NO MORE DRINKING COKES.
  3. Drink Vitamin Waters with VITAMIN E or take Vitamins.
  4. Use a Shampoo and Conditioner every 2 days dont use it every day. Conditioners are known to strip hair when used at a constant repatitive paste so use very little conditioner. 5.COMB your hair daily start off combing gently to avoid the loss of hairs. Comb when its dry, do not comb it when its wet, wont help because your hair is in its weakest state when wet.
  5. Follow these steps and you will surely to have long lucious beautiful hair that will continue to grow throughout your years as long as you still follow the steps.
Answer #26

I’ve wanted the same thing, so I’ve talked to my hair dresser and a few people in the chemists e.g. boots. The things that I’ve been told to make hair grow longer faster are:

  1. Get a trim (1/2 inch) every 8weeks, to get rid of split ends as that prevents your hair from growing.
  2. When shampooing your hair, really scrub into your scalp because that will help for sure.
  3. When you get out the shower do not get your towel and proper scrub your hair dry because your hair is weaker when wet, meaning more likely to fall out more often.
  4. Hair bubbles, do not use hair bubbles with the metal bit on as that rips your hair out.
  5. Eating protein’s e.g. chicken, will also improve your hair to grow faster.
  6. Do not have a shower everyday, have it every other day because your hair doesn’t like it.
  7. Eat healthier, more vegetable and fruit will help more.
  8. Don’t get too stress because when you stress you tend to lose more hair.
  9. With the stress problem, if you naturally stress a lot you can take biotin which helps as well, also sleep well, you need sleep.
  10. Also, sunlight will make you hair grow faster because of the Vitamin D.

I hope this helps, because it did for me. I remember I had short hair which was to my shoulder and by following these instructions my hair grew 4-5 inches long within 3-4 months. I know this sounds such a long time but if you think about it, your hair grows an average 1/2 inch a month and I got 4-5 inches in 3-4 months, so it grew quicker by 2 inches.

Hope this helped and good luck!! :) Xx

Answer #27

I believe hair growth speed/development is mostly genetic, as well as the amount you have and if male, genetics play a huge role in when you will start losing hair on your head (as well as other factors including hormones).

Answer #28

The best advice for growing hair is not messing with it…wash it thorouhgly and apply moisture find a hairstyle that you like…(e.g a ponytail, braids) and try no refrain from combing, brushing, and definitly heat.

Answer #29

vitamins and go to sallys and get main and tail it works wonders!

Answer #30

I’ve always heard that eating jell-o helps because of the gelatin in it - I suppose gelatin must have some benefits, since you can buy gelatin pills in the vitamin sections at drug stores. Also, taking a vitamin called biotin will DEFINITELY help it grow faster; my hair grew a half inch in two weeks - average hair growth for most people is about 1/4 a month. A good sleep schedule, a healthy, low-fat, low-sugar, high-protein diet helps, As does lots of exercise and steering clear of lots of nicotine. And before bed, spend about 3-4 minutes rubbing your fingertips firmly over your whole scalp in a massage like way to stimulate blood and such in that area.

Regular trims keep it from breaking off as often, and keep it from getting split ends that make hair go up at the ends and not look like it’s growing. Also, Garnier Fructis’ Length & Strength line helped me a tad bit.

If your hair breaks off easily, try moisturizing products like Aussie 3-Minute Miracle, dove leave-in conditioner, Sunsilk hair masks, Aussie Moist shampoo & Conditioner, and putting mayo in your hair twice a month before shampooing. Make sure you scrub that out really well though - you don’t wanna let that stench linger!!

Answer #31

well um I used to have really long hair then I cut it in the summer very short like say up to my shoulders and it used to be very thin now its thick and the trick is to always have it tied up in a pony , in a bun or plaits , now its growing :D also eat healthy!

Answer #32

Personally I think the first comment was the best, and it’s pretty much gone downhill from there; but hey, I’ll join in anyway!!!

There’s heaps of things you can do…

-don’t shampoo your hair more than you need to. Using sodium laurete can cause a shampoo build up, and will make your hair less shiny. If you use baking soda, and mix it with an equal amount of water it will help heaps.

-put your head forward so that your hair is facing down towards the ground and brush it from the back of your head. It might hurt the first few times, but it stops hurting after that. This will increase the volume of your head, so it looks hair ad beautiful.

-natural dyes help your hair. Henna improves the health of your hair and helps protect it.

-chlorine kills!!! …not quite, but it’s not good for your hair… this means wash your hair after you go to the pool. Otherwise your hair is likely to become brittle.

-GO NATURAL!!! Natural hair products are sooo good. Chemicals can make your hair look great ‘In just 3 washes!’. Can you loose weight in 3 washes? I think not. Think about it ‘healthy looking hair’ - keyword LOOKING. To make your hair healthy you need to gradually give it the things it needs… :D

-If you drink lots of water and eat right then you’re most of the way there. Water keeps you hydrated, so your hair will be too… Food has nutrients. About half of the amino acids that you NEED come from food. Healthy lifestyle = good hair. This includes less stress… :D

So… to some it up… smile heaps, stay natural, eat right and your hair should be beautiful :D

luv rach xoxox

Answer #33

It has to do with many things. You should eat right, exercise, massage your scalp often, Keep a good clean scalp, Deep conition at least once a week or month depending on your hair type. Yes trim your hair about every eight weeks. just trim about 1/8 of an inch. To have good, hair, a good body, or good anything it takes time, work and dedication. This all works for me, I had extremely dry, brittle curly hair. I now do all of the above, my hair and scalp is now healthy and very long. It is just past my Bra line. I love it:) Hope all goes well.

Answer #34

In cosmetology class, we learn that you can’t really make your hair grow faster, but you can help to strengthen it and make it healthier. Scalp massages help to stimulate hair follicles. Omega Fatty Acids help with protein and hair health. AND, if you trim your hair about an 1/8th of an inch every few weeks, you’re hair will be healthier. 1/4” every month or so will help as well. :].

good luck.

Answer #35

NutriSilk is great at helping your hair grow. It also helps nails and skin. You can basically get it at any vitamin store.

Answer #36

actually trimming your hair DOES make it grow faster. only cut off the dead ends. if you trim off the dead ends once a month then your hair will be healthier and healthy hair grows faster. (BTW your dead ends should only be .5 or .25in of your hair, so your not taking off much length, just making your hair more healthy.

Answer #37

get garnier frutis length and strength conditioner and use it everyda and your hair will grow real fast. don’t even use shampoo just the conditioner

Answer #38

oh yeah, it’s Tia again and i forgot one thing, despite what some people may say NEVER CUT OR EVEN TRIM YOUR HAIR EVER!!!!! My mom told me to make my hair grow, I needed to trim it and guess what, instead of growing, it just got shorter and shorter! It used to be almost to me elbows and now it’s a couple inches past my shoulders. It does seem to be growing back now that I layed off with them scissors though.

Answer #39

ok I want my hair to grow too and lately I’ve been reading a few articals about advice and natural ways to get longer hair much faster and most things I’ve learnt I never even knew!

-deep comdition your hair to increase the softness and keeps it in better condition for longer.It also stores natural oils needed for the hair to grow!

-healthy food’s and drink.Just one piece of fruit isnt going to speed up your hair growth you need a minimum of atleast 3 pieces of fruit to gradually gain a flat stomach and healthy hair meaning longer hair!

-A decent scalp massage for about 20 minutes each day.This gets the blood moving around your hair meaning it’ll make your hair grow faster and faster,try doing this to your hair whalst upside down it will allow more blood to pump round your head, dont be upside down too long because it may stop your circulation around the rest of your body!

-got a boar bristle brush? okay they look like this> bend over and brush your hair forward so your brushing over your forehead do this for about 10-15 minutes each day to improve circulation in order for your hair to grow more!

-stay away from heating products.Okay if your reading this you proberly use a lot of heat on your hair yourself if you dont then thats FABULOUS!if you do then CUT IT OUT BUDDY! it damages your hair making it week and dry this means it wont progressively get longer and longer if you really wish to continue using heat for your bennifits of looking in the mirror everyday and thinking “hmm yes I look lovely” then get a decent heat protector you rely on!

-lastly, try and gain more sleep at night eg. go to bed an hour earlier or a little bit less but this will deffinatly improve your hair growth, sleep is extremely good for your body as well as your hair soo try and get as much as it as you can!

okay this it to be honest guy’s, I tried all this stuff everyday for about 3 weeks and within the first week I noticed improvement hope it helpss love jadine[:

Answer #40

this answer is for jesse, the reason a person goes bald is because of the bodies lack tin, also if you don’t want to go gray then you need copper. Remember you can find tin and copper in the form of tablets but our bodies only absorb about 12% of it. Capsules are better, but it would be best if you could get a good vitamin drink (and I don’t mean vitamin water) such as Glacialmilk you can google it, its like gold in a bottle. Also its always great if you can manage to get the vits and mins out of your food, but not everyone can

Answer #41

Massage your scalp every night before you go to bed for 3 min. and that will stimulate your roots and get more blood flowing and will help your hair grow.. try it..

Answer #42

This doesn’t directly make your hair grow faster but try using PLACENTA shampoo. it is a hispanic brand I think because my boyfriend is peruvian and everyone in his house uses it and I uses it now and I find it makes my hair a lot stonger and healthier which makes it easier to grow with out so much breakage:)

Answer #43

a lot of you are saying trim your hair. however, its common knowledge that your hair grows from the scalp..not the ends. trimming the ends makes it shorter..not longer.

Answer #44

all you have to do is use horse shampoo…it smells good and makes your hair grow super fast and healthy…

Answer #45

Eat food and stay sweet

Answer #46

Eat healthy, use hair protectant before applying any heat, get a trim every two weeks, massage your scalp before going to bed, don’t wear pony tails too tight, take vitamins.

Answer #47

Step 1: Protein is a must. Incorporate protein in your foods, supplements, and hair care products, it will strengthen the hair shaft, reduce breakage, and stop shedding. Great foods that contain protein and hair strengthening vitamins are fish, turkey, chicken, beans, sunflower seeds, coconut, spinach, carrots, whole wheats, and soy. Consider drink a soy supplement daily or taking amino acids daily.

Step 2: Limit your use of most drugstore shampoos and conditioners. Try shampooing with your hair with 1/2 cup of green tea, 1/4 tsp of baking sods, 1/4 tsp of lemon juice, and 2 T of olive oil. When I want to really accelerate my hair growth, I use A Double Portion Super Gro Shampoo. It is all natural and contain many herbs proven to increase hair growth and also stop balding; I.e. rosemary, sage, amla, and coconut. You can research the hair growth effects of these yourself. These are salon products and are more expensive, but when I use them, my hair grows at least 1 inch a month. You can find them at Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Co’s website.

Step 3: Style your hair for hair growth. Cover your hair at night with a silk wrap. Minimize your hair’s exposure to heat, chlorine, sulfates (found in 99% drugstore shampoos), color dyes and color rinses. Keep your hair in a ponytail or wear it loose, to allow it to get oxygen. Do not braid/pull your hair tightly. Also, consider sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Do not wear hats all day. Do not rub your hair when you towel dry after a shampoo. Towel blot it to stop splitting.

Step 4: Get your blood circulating. Exercise makes your hair grow faster, because more oxygen is circulating to the scalp. Oxygen gives life. Also, massage your scalp daily with light natural oils. Shea, Jojoba, Vitamin E, and Coconut all are excellent.

Shampoo and Condition your hair. It needs moisture, protein, and time to grow. You can condition your hair at home with mashed avocado, mayonnaise, herbal tea, and olive oil. And, DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR. IT IS NOT NECESSARY.

Answer #48

heyy Im suffering from hair losss 2 my hair used 2 b thik but now its really really thin n esp wen i have a shower it falls so much in number that it actaully scares me! n it falls from the roots sooo i wanna try ur tips n there seems 2 b quite a few tht use this beauty 4 ashes shampoo i want 2 start using it i live in the emirates so can i get it from here or do i have 2 order it from the internet PLZ HELP im so desperate my hair depressess me lol n thnx 4 some tipss

Answer #49

I had really thick hair before an accident. I’ve had 13 surgeries in less than 3 years. Anesthesia will really damage your hair and make it fall out. After my 6th surgery I noticed my hair coming out in clumps so I consulted my doc about it and wondered about rogain and other products like that and he told me that once you stop using them you will start losing your hair again, so that wasn’t an option.

What did I do? I bought Image Shampoo and Image Intrakera condition. ( I buy them both off of Ebay ) I shampoo and condition every other day. I started doing this back in Sept 2007 and by November 2007 my hair was back in great shape and had grown 3 inches. I have gotten back my length and the thickness of my hair already.

Answer #50

well to make your hair grown fasting you have to trim it every 2 weeks make sure to grease your hair when needed. wash your hair every week and if yor wrap it and put it in a silk scaft that will also make it grown and if you forget to wrap it you get a silk pillow

Answer #51

Has anyone heard of hair growing faster when excersing ? I have noticed when I spend a hard day dirt bike riding I get get almost double the regrowth on my face , I thought it might be to do with the adrenalin of racing or something ?

Answer #52

i think that trimming it only makes it shorter.. whenever i trim or i let salons do it, my hair reacts the opposite way and gets shorter and shorter as time goes on. instead, i suggest not doing anything to it for a month.. shampoo and (definitly) condition it like normal, but dont use any heating products… if you dont like that idea, though, something that helps me out alot (because i use a straightener)… try clamping down on your roots with the straightener and hold it there for three to five seconds, then as you head down your hair to your ends let your straightener open up so your not clamping down on your ends and splitting them.. (this is for people who are impatient only… like me! :) lol…)

Answer #53

Dont listen to people who tell you not to trim your hair. The more I cut my hair the more it grows. dead ends wont grow and trimming hair is the best conditioner for that. another thing dirty hair grows fast.

Answer #54

shampoos that helped my hair are.. garnier frutis long and strong shampoo and conditioner, pantene pro-v beautiful lengths shampoo and conditioner, or maine and tail shampoo and conditioner (garnier frutis was my favorite though) and also take prenatal vitams! I know A LOT of girls that are not even prego but they take prenatals just to make their hair grow, and it works!!! and its good for you too :] goodluck!!

Answer #55

just keep it healthy && get a trim every once in a while, not a big one just like an inch or so to get the split ends off…also you can get nail && hair growth vitamins at like walmart.

Answer #56

There is no speed limit to grow your hair. If youd like, trim your hair, and put olive oil on the ends so that the ends wont become dry. Other then that, use certain shampoos.. the best is to stay away from pantene ( if you use it ) and get a lot of sleep, drink a lot of water, stay healthy!:)

Answer #57

I had taken other different products or treatments/supplements a lot for regrowing my hair but still got nothing,but i finally found Reloxe which actually worked for regrowing my hair. I have been using it and i find it very effective.

Answer #58

There are many ways to make your hair grow faster Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will promote hair growth. Clear physical stressors from your life. Surgeries, severe injuries, and other trauma can cause stunted hair growth or even hair loss. Clear emotional stress from your life. There are more products to promote hair growth like Nioxin And Reloxe, They are quite good for hair regrowth.

Answer #59

I just take vitamins for hair growth from Reloxe and it totally worked for me!

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