How do you land a kickflip?

I can get the board to spin, but I cant land on it. It always lands in front of me

Answer #1

I have the same problem what you want to try is to stay over the board dont let it get in front of you

Answer #2

if you can ollie high this will be easier if your getting the spin thats good to work on the landing you need to watch the board flip and land on the front bolts it sounds like you might be leaning too far back as you flip, or kicking the board out in front of you as you flip so try to keep it centred and under you bring your feet up towards your chest to allow the board to flip and you to catch it with your feet practice, practice, practice practice on the ground, carpet, grass, ect so the board isnt moving it will be easier then when you can kickflip and land it, work up to doing it while moving on concrete

Answer #3

either you need to jump higher or you need to lift you back leg higher and you land on the bolts but just keep practiisng

Answer #4

Set your feet at a 45 degree angle behind bolts(you can also set your foot at the same angle in the middle of the board.).You should have the ball of your back foot on the tail or any other way that works for you. When poping it is easier to lean back and pop really hard. Pop the board up just like an ollie. But this time, keep your back foot in the same position, and then slide your front foot, your foot should go up and flick out of the board where the concave is as hard as you can.Then bring your foot back in as quickly as possible (the concave is where the board curves in a little)and your front foot should give the board a flick. (make sure you flip up and out not down or you will not be able to get your front foot back on) This should start the initial flip of the board. Make sure when you jump in the beginning you jump and don’t forget to lift your feet up. Bring your front foot back on the board, and your back foot will naturally catch the board. Stay above the board. watch for the grip tape to come round. Remember to keep the board from getting caught with your feet before the rotation is finished. Catch the board firmly, and try to land ideally on the sets of bolts on the board. Doing so will provide a safer, smoother landing, and prevent your board from snapping. Remember to roll smoothly. Don’t forget to catch the board with your back foot or it will either be messy or it’ll break your board If you’re serious about skateboarding, think about buying a top-of-the-line board, like an Element, Plan B, Birdhouse, Foundation, Almost, Antihero, something along those lines, not a $10 board from Wal-Mart or Target. The problem with a Wal-Mart board is, it’s a great board to learn the basics, like pushing, riding, and manualing, but not for ollies and kickflips and more technical things, because it virtually has no concave or grip. If your foot grips to board jump higher and flick higher.


Don’t try until you can land an ollie after every attempt or you’ll just be wasting your time trying to do something you’re not ready for. This trick really does take hours; days; weeks; or even months of practice. So, don’t get frustrated and just enjoy yourself while you’re learning the trick and be proud when you’ve done one! When you flick it, don’t flick too far out, as you will not be able to get your feet back on the board. This will stop you from doing the trick. Always keep your shoulders above and parallel to the board, because another common problem is, when you lean to one side, the board flies out in front of you.Lean forward too it will help with the flip. Keep your knees bent over the board and try not to bend over too much. Air and height are helpful in making the trick successful and better looking. If you end up on the ground right after the flick, try to flick more outward instead of straight down. Try to suck in your knees to your chest while in the air,this will give the trick more height and will result in you being able to kickflip onto or over curbs and other objects more easily. After you have accomplished a kickflip, try giving it a harder flick for a double kickflip, or combining it with a shuv-it for a varial kickflip.And if you’ve mastered the kickflip and the varial, then the next thing to learn is the 360 Flip, or Tre Flip. It’s a kickflip combined with a 360 shuv-it, and it will get you a lot of credit from other fellow skateboarders. In fact, if you learn a 360 Flip switch(the opposite way you are used to riding the board), then it will help a great deal when the time comes that you want to get sponsored. Try to catch the board before you land to make it look nicer. If you’re having problems, make sure that it’s not just because you’re flicking down instead of out. another way to practice a kickflip, is to do it in an indoor place like a garage or basement(make sure that the area has very smooth cement it will do no good to practice on carpet unless…) and hold on to something like a pullup bar therefore when you pop the flip you have a little more time to react. another tip is to do what I said up there ^ but on carpet , and with only the deck of your board. eventually you’ll be able to land double flips this way, it has worked for me and now I can almost land a triple will take much practice When you’re flicking your front foot to flip the deck, don’t flick too far forward or the board will turn some. slide your foot off the edge of the board at about a 45 degree angle and the board should stay straight while it’s flipping. a helpful tip is to keep your shoulders directly over the bolts when you’re about to pop off a kickflip. that’ll keep your weight centered and the board will stay right below you as it’s flipping…Be safe !!

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