How to have fun living in a small town?

Alright, so I live in a fairly small town, with probably around 130,000 people. I guess it isn't that small, but my friends and I still feel there are very limited things to do. What are some suggestions of fun activities to do? Besides the obvious thing such as going to a friends house, bringing friends over, going to movies, shopping, and bowling. Those are the most fun activities I take part in, along with some occassional party-going. But, I don't want those activities to get old fast since I'll be here for another 3 years [at least.] Suggestions?

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I agree, you have to be creative in a small town. Here are some suggestions for you:

-Mystery Dinners (kinda like a real life game of clue, where you are the characters, you can get games online, or make one up)

-Camera Scavenger Hunts.. you can end at someones house, or a restaurant for snacks afterward.

-Make Music Videos.. also way fun to watch when you get older!

-Roller Discos! Go roller skating in your finest disco attire!

-Progressive Dinner Parties: Start at one person's house for salad, move on to someone else's for the main course, and so on

-Dance offs. you can't go wrong.

-Game nights

-Ice skating, sledding

-Pick a letter in the alphabet, and plan a costume party around it.. for example a "P Party"... guests come dressed up as Pirates or Pumpkins.. they get to be creative and everyone has a good time.. Have food that starts with that letter (potato chips, pizza..) and activities too

-BYOR My brother and his friends all get together and "Bring Your Own Ramen" They put it all in one pan and have a feast! .. they do it over a bond fire.

-Getting together to play soccer or volleyball is always fun too.. get together at a local gym and play some serious dodge ball or b-ball... come in "uniforms"

-feel like getting fancy? Have a Polka-Dot Tea party, have guests wear polka dots!

-Skit night.. do a "who's line is it anyway" thing where you get props and they have to make up skits to go along. Or have teams.. that get together video tape skits and share them at a party.

-Ice Cream sundae night.. everyone brings their favorite topping.

-Arts and Crafts Night. Make picture frames, scrapbook..

-Season finale party.. pick a show and create a party!

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Thanks for the suggestions, but to be honest.
I do live in Canada so I can't really go swimming right now. And I don't have an old town, I've lived in this town all my life :| Which is unfortunate at most times...

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wow,thank you so much afallingstar! this was indeed most helpful, and some really unique ideas I haven't thought of! thanks for the help :D

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The population of my town is NOT EVEN 2,000. Yeaaah. :/

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ANSWER #5 of 7 go to walmart..with a camera..I'll have a good time..except that it won't last long because people SUCK!!! go like...swimming or something also..I live in such a small ..we only have a pop. of 4,000 people..

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I used to live in a really small town as well. going driving around (trucks or quads) and spray painting useless stuff is always so much fun. go see if you can spray paint a cow. its probly the best fun you'll ever have.

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invite a couple friends from your old town.

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