How do you clean jewerly?

I have a little problem... how do you get the dirt out of jewerly? my necklace is getting dirty, but I don't know how to get dirt out;{

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Toothpaste?? hhmmm... never used it 2 clean jewerly.But... thank you everybody, I`ll just by jewerly cleaner lolx=}

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what works good it a little nail brush (to clean under your nails) wash it tho first or anykind of scrubby thing and just put some luke warm water into a bowl and add a bit of dawn to it then scrub it then patt dry and it should turn out cleanner

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Fold a piece of bread over the necklace and scrub...just be careful not to tangle the chain

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Don't get smart with me!! you don't use no damn ketchup. watt the hell is wrong witchu?? that's a stupid answer!! you still will be getting the necklace dirty!! DUH!!

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lol.. nice, I wonder if that actually works!?
If it is real silver or gold, at the jewllers you can by these cloth things. They are kind of expensive but last ages and work REALLY well
Hope that helps.

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Most stores will sell a jewelry cleaner. I know Walmart does, and I'm sure Target would too. It's a little kit that you use to soak, brush and clean the jewelry-it worked on my class ring after a year of use. It makes it all nice and shiny.

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It seemed like you was trying to get smart with me!! I never heard of no ketchup cleans jewerly.

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yea I know but tomatoes have a type of acid

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u can buy jewley cleaner from any store

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