How Do You Capture An Armadillo?

How do you capture an Armadillo? A friend of mine was too embarrassed to ask about it, so I’m asking his question - he has this armadillo problem in his backyard, and the thing seems to have taken up residence!

The armadillo is a short little creature, and I honestly couldn’t believe the story at first. What an odd creature to start living in one’s backyard. So, any tips for removing it? (and no, can’t do anything mean or cruel).

Answer #1

He entered the trashcan, and that’s how we caught the little guy.

Answer #2

this site is all your friend needs, and its non-leathal or painful to boot.

Answer #3

Also, here’s a picture of the armadillo before he went into the trashcan in the garden.

Answer #4

call animal control

Answer #5

We finally caught the armadillow, btw - check it out!

Answer #6

Hahaha :) Well catching one of those things is hard - they eat bugs so they can’t be lured with food, and they are elusive and dig holes so you can’t find them easily either. Is there a number you can call, like pest control or animal rescue or something? They should know how to deal with that (or I’ve watched too much of Animal Planet haha). Your friend shouldn’t be embarrassed to do that, because that’s those people’s job after all. Or if the armadillo isn’t causing any real trouble but it’s just the thought that’s troubling your friend, maybe tell him that armadillos are sweet little harmless creatures and he should just enjoy his new little friend? :)

Answer #7

The armadillo is quite harmless and can do great help in one’s yard. They eat bugs and their burrowing can help to ariate your lawn. We tried to catch one one nite but he was tooo fast, how funny it was to watch grown men throwing themselves to the ground only to come up empty handed.Poor little armadillo was scared to death. I finally talked them into leaving him alone. They are indeed an odd little creature and so misunderstood. I say if they scare the children, run them off, or use them to educate the kids.

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