How do deal with rude inconsiderate neighbors?

Moved to a “ quiet” neighborhood, but I got the neighbors from hell. they park in front of my house, then I look in their driveway and no cars parked there, nor in front of their own house, I have a big beautiful front window and all I see is their car, visitors car as any one who visits park in front of my house not theirs, uses his chain saw to cut up his firewood in his driveway and my bedroom is right next to their drive way, any time they let their dogs out they are barking, early morning hours, night etc, try to sleep in, their son’s muffler is one of those annoying loud mufflers, wakes me up or the dogs wake me up the list goes on and on… I am now sleeping on my couch because both bedrooms are next to their driveway, I don’t know what to do I’ve never dealt with this type of annoyance before..Help ??

Answer #1

Some people are just very productive human beings they just like to be domestic around the house and your neighbor sounds like one of them.

I suggest grin or bear with it or find another place to live. If you do want to lower yourself and seek revenge, then next time your neighbor have parties and you find out what time they went to sleep, the next morning before the crack of dawn, turn your music up or get someone you know who plays the drums and really ‘drum’ the noise up.

My brothers and I used to do that, our next door neighbor insist on smoking their bloody cigarettes outside their background and when it’s windy, the smoke from their cigarettes flows into our opened laundry door and into our house. My baby brother and I will ‘practice’ our violin and guitar at 10pm or when we have friends over, we all sit outside chatting away and our voices carries as they love having their bedroom window opened at nights.

Answer #2

Thanks everyone for your advice, turning music up and being loudly obnoxious myself won’t help as their bedrooms are on the far side of their home, I’d only disturbed the other neighbor behind my home whom is very nice. He said he won’t do anything about the noise as he doesn’t want to make waves, plus he wears a hearing aid, so when things get too loud over there he just takes it out and he’s “happy as a clam” I will check the village’s noise ordinances etc. to see if there is anything I can do. It’s just sad that I finally purchase my first home and one of the main reasons I purchased it was because of the big front window with the nice view of the well kept yards and flowering trees of the neighborhood and all I see is one of their vehicles parked there until 10:00 - 11:00 at night. Just very disappointing, so now I come home from work and close my drapes and try not to think about it.

Answer #3

Well, in regard to the noise, most places have noise ordinances, so you can call the cops every time they are noisy. Plus, most cities have ordinances about how long you can park a vehicle on the street. Call the cops for that too. If sicking the cops on them continuously doesn’t work, then sue them for the same offenses, making sure to capture lots’ of evidence proving the facts.

Don’t worry that this isn’t nice. Niceness is only for others who are also nice. For the inconsiderate jerks, reciprocate.

Answer #4

Try to see what’s their problem because they should be welcoming you. After that you should go over and tell them what you think they should do and maybe do it in the afternoon, don’t tell them that’s rather rude waking up neighbors, but be nice and tell them how you feel, I’d totally dislike that. Make them see your point of view, if they were in your situation they’d like their neighbors to consider as well. Good luck Sweety hope I at least helped a little- Venu

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