how do you get rid of scars from cutting?

how do you get rid of scars from cutting.?help.please

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well I’ve been cutting for about 3 years now (and I really dont plan to stop)any way neosporan for new cuts lotion and bio oil for old ones and also put on some cover up make-up Trust me

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well like everyone said the scars wont really fade trust me I tried almost everything 2 get rid of them and im only 14!!! I’ve been cutting myself 4 a while but forced myself 2 stop I still havent told anyone about it. but stop cutting yourself its not worth it.

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well you can use products like bio-oil which dull down the apearence of scears and time will make them fade too!! hope this helps you!

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it seems like none of these people know anything about how to get rid of cutting scars rubber bands don’t help and that paper with tape and lipstick doesn’t help either talk to someone it works the best. To get rid of scars because you can I should know I use to cut you can use coco butter the one for pregnant women with palms it will take about a month or two to see any results but give it time and use it after you tkae a shower and it will work I promise

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if you have cut yourself you cant really get rid of them just dont be showing off to people not that you would lol and keep it covered a lot :)

need more help ask me I know a lot about it lol :)

Bee xx

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You can’t, scars are forever. The only thing that can help is time…

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cocoa butter put it on the scars and you can use make-up. but you should also stop cutting it not healthy try seeing somebody about that.

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mederma works well, I have sever cuts from self-injury and have been using this product for about two months. It’ll take some time but will reduce scarring. If you cut make sure to use neosporin on it as it heals to reduce scarring to begin with.

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Use bio oil I havent tried it but I have scars of my own and need to get rid of them. You can get it from boots for £7.99 Dont self harm its not good. Get a rubber band and snap it on your skin you dont see the blood but the pain equals.

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Thy are right scars are really forever so you can never reveal them and if they DO get revealed make up a good excuse. NOT like I dont know how it got therem, more along the lines of I fell off my bike/scooter/etc. that works for me.

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YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!!! I was just looking for something that would help fade or remove a huge scar I have under my eye from when I got smashed in the face with a baseball bat :(. Any ideas people! no cutting scars here!!

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2 of my friends started cutting, they don’t do it anymore though and one of them told me that she uses baby oil to help her scars fade. From what I have seen its worked on hers pretty well but it depends how deep you have cut. Also if you ever feel like you need to cut the best thing to do is go and talk about the reason why you wanted to do it with an adult you can trust (parents, teachers etc.) or a good friend who will listen to you and comfort you, this is how I help one of the 2 friends that were cutting.

hope this helps.

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STOP cutting… most scars dont go away and if they do it takes time

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STOP CUTTING, and you wont get any more! VOILA, genius.

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it seems like none of these people know anything about how to get rid of cutting scars rubber bands don’t help and that paper with tape and lipstick doesn’t help either talk to someone it works the best. To get rid of scars because you can I should know I use to cut you can use coco butter the one for pregnant women with palms it will take about a month or two to see any results but give it time and use it after you tkae a shower and it will work I promise

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this is what some people do to stop cutting and well if you want to cut take a piece of paper and tape it to your arm and then take red lipstick and slice it to your arm so you can see the marks and then take the paper off and realize is it really worth that.Well if they didn’t help these peoples advice can help I have a suggestion to stop cutting. It stopped mine completely. When you want to cut, stare at it intensely. Imagine it belongs to your best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, brother, sister, father, mother, grandmother, or other meaningful person in your life. Ask yourself, ‘Would I cut him/her?’ Then ask yourself why not. You’ll find yourself losing the urge to cut when you realize how fortunate you are to have this person who loves you. If possible, put away the knife or razor blade or whatever it is, and talk to the person. Thank them for loving you.”

“What really helped me quit was writing poetry. When I wanted to cut, I would get out my notebook instead. A lot of my friends used to cut (some still do), and write poems, so sharing with them helped a lot. I haven’t cut since my 13 birthday, and I feel so much better. Sometimes I want to cut again, but my best friend does it really bad and I think how much I don’t want her to.”

“It is very true that cutting is addicting. I did it for a couple of weeks without telling anyone. Then eventually my friends found out so I told them about it. They were surprised and I felt ashamed. But I didn’t care at the time because it was helping me feel better. After a while I wasn’t doing it for a reason. I was doing it because I would think of the first time I did it and how it made me feel. It has been 2 years now since I have cut myself and I am very proud. I have been through clinics and therapists and they have helped me so much. I know people say that talking about your feelings can help you, and people think that’s just a corny saying, but it’s the best thing that I could have ever done for myself.”

“I have found that dropping red food color into a tall (clear) glass of water can be a release (as long as the urge isn’t too strong).”

“I tried the rubber band. Yeah, I did snap it too hard and ended up hurting myself. Now I scrape scissors or anything sharp into a side of my desk. I can dig as hard as I can without bleeding and scarring. I liked to count my cuts to think about how many times I got hurt. Now it’s in the wood forever and it helps me a lot even though I don’t want to think about the bad times. My old diary was filled with sad stories and all about hating people. I started a fresh diary and tried writing more positive things. Every once in a while I write bad things and how I feel. That’s my healthy way of expressing myself.”

“I’m going to try and stop cutting myself because I know that it’s not a good thing to do but it did relieve stress for a little bit. But the problems were still there and nothing can cover up the problems . . . unless you talk about them, that’s really the only way you can overcome the problems.”

“I have cut for almost a year. Cutting is the worse thing you could ever do. It is crazy addicting. I’m not even kidding. I started because my boyfriend was cutting. He said it relieves your pain. But he didn’t tell me that after you relieve your pain for 5 minutes, you look down at your arm, and you feel so ashamed. You have to hide it from people. Make up stories why your arm was so cut up. When I first started, I thought, ‘This is amazing, I feel so much better, but I won’t do this ever again.’ Then the next week, ‘Well, one more time won’t hurt.’ I continued to tell myself, ‘I can stop when I want,’ so I continued to cut. I have been trying to stop for 8 months now. I would go 3 weeks and cut, I would go 1 month and 3 days and cut, I would go for 1 month and 28 days and cut. I haven’t made it to 2 months yet, but I am trying so hard. When I feel like I have to cut, I take a cold shower. Or I put ice on my arm. You still get that numbing sensation. Good luck on stopping.”

“I used to cut myself, and I realized that I did it because I felt bad for my friend, who cut herself, and I really did it for curiosity. It didn’t help me, it made more problems, and I really hated myself. I told my mom and she said she had done it once, and it’s not good. So stop. Your friends will always love you, like mine did, and my crush loves me more now, lol.”

“I cut for about 2½ years, off and on. I eventually became addicted and couldn’t stop. I have been seeing a counselor for around 2 years or more. I finally came to the point in my life, with my counselor’s help and my best friends’ support, where I got tired of hurting myself and I was seriously ready to stop cutting (for good, this time). I have now been cut-free for a few months. I haven’t had any more urges since I came to that conclusion.”

“A lot of what it says sounds like my problems. I mean, I don’t do it for attention, it’s a habit when I get upset or stressed or scared or sad, mad, angry, anything. I wear coats all the time because my arm is all chopped up. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m scared I’m going to get out of control with my cutting and end up cutting really bad one day.”

“I used to cut. It was my only way of getting away. It was the one pain I could control. But one time I did go to far. I cut too deep. When my mom found out, it was really bad. When it got to the point to where I was lying all the time and hurting my friends, I knew I had to stop. I now deal with my scars every day, and if I could go back in time, I would have never made them. I have people that care about me and it took me almost 2 years to figure that out. At this point I am cutting free. And I don’t plan to start again.”

“When you said that people try it from curiosity, well, that is true because I would have never even thought about it if my boyfriend hadn’t tried it. It’s hard to deal with and usually people who don’t know or understand tend to make it worse.”

“My friends just say stuff like if I keep doing it they won’t be my friend, but that just makes me feel worse. I wish my family and friends cared more, but I don’t think they get it.”

“I started cutting because I couldn’t handle the pressures at school. Everyone expected me to get straight A’s. I only wish my parents could have been more understanding. When I told them, they were shocked and disappointed, which made me feel worse. I’m just starting to go to counseling and I hope it helps.”

“I used to cut (not anymore) to relieve my pain. I mean, I would just be so upset when my brothers and mom fought, then I had friends fighting at school . . . it was a way for me to temporarily escape from the life I was living, but in a way it almost made my problems worse and made me more isolated. Anyway, I never knew how bad cutting was until after I stopped.”

“I used to cut myself but my best friend helped me stop by love and telling me over and over again that she doesn’t want to hear that I went overboard one day and am in the hospital. That’s the main reason I stopped.”

“I think that many of the techniques used helped, but not when it became a habit. Once it became habit, the best thing and the hardest thing I did was to tell an adult. It may seem impossible, but if they truly love you they will help you to stop. Congratulate yourself on every cut-free day. And on the days you do [cut], try to stop. It’s hard but it will eventually work.”

“I’m an ex-cutter, and one thing that helped me stop was finding a way to distract myself. The thing is, when cutting became a habit for me, I did it when I got bored, partially because I’d start thinking of the horrors of life, partially because there was nothing else to do. I suggest that, before one picks up a knife, blade, match, etc., to switch over to a book or game. Online, there are plenty of pointless yet addicting games that you can get lost in. Also, I can distract myself with Sudoku, because it’s a challenge that leaves no room for any other thought. Those are just two things that helped me.”

“I just started high school and I have a lot of self-confidence issues and as a result I started cutting. Being classed as the odd one out in my group, I grew more and more jealous. Now my friends are helping me and are sending me to the school counselor, which is a good thing.”

“I began cutting in 6th grade. During that time my single-father home was in complete and total ruins. I was being physically and mentally abused and neglected. The deep pain and agony led me to cutting, because I had no one to turn to. I really didn’t (still don’t) have any friends trustworthy or mature enough to have any advice for me. So I drew myself inward. I cut for 3 years, during which my father started and stopped drinking countless times. Everyone in my family knew about me cutting but didn’t know what to do. Eventually, a teacher caught me with a razor blade in school. I am an honor-roll student with a flawless record, so everybody was shocked. I found myself in a mental hospital for a 3-day stay. I felt so incredibly abandoned and lonely, and it seemed that nobody could understand me. Mostly because I wouldn’t accept help. I lied to everybody involved. I couldn’t get my father in trouble. So I was dismissed as an ‘attention-cutter’ and continued to cut for months. Finally, I overcame the struggle. My father is still dealing with his alcoholism, and I have had to leave multiple times, but I have only relapsed once, and luckily I pulled myself out of it. I just want to say to all the girls (and guys) that can relate to my story that there is hope. There is ALWAYS an alternative. Take care of yourselves.”

“I think cutting is an addiction. It’s something you want to do over and over again. I know it’s truly hard for me. Every time I do the dishes, every time I shave my legs, I get so tempted to cut! I’m just glad I have friends to help me through it. No matter how hard I try to push away from them, they don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. It REALLY helps when people you care about and care about you are there for you in that low point in your life.”

“I used to cut. It was a way to hide all the pain and pressure from being a teenager. One day in my 8th grade social studies class, my friend and I were passing a note [about cutting]. But the teacher grabbed the note. He read it to himself and looked at me. He said, ‘Let’s go down to the counselor’s office.’ We walked down there and I felt like I was walking the ‘walk of shame.’ I talked to the counselor and she told me other ways to get rid of my anger and pain. She also had to tell my parents I was cutting. I thought they would be angry at me, but parents are just trying to help. So talk to your parents. It may be scary at first but they have a lot to say and do to help you, and if you can’t talk to them by yourself, have the school counselor help you find the words to say.”

“It’s extremely important to tell the friend you trust most. I did it and it worked. After I was able to tell my group of friends finally, I stopped.”

Reviewed by: D’Arcy Lyness, PhD Date reviewed: October 2007 those are websites that can help.Good luck inow how it feels

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Please try to stop cutting. I do it. I also punch and beat on my self on my ribs. And I pierce myself with saftey pins and I stab myself with a shard of glass. I don’t really like it but I’m addicted, and when I’m down, I need my fix. You know what I mean? So please try to quit before it gets to become this bad. I feel for you. I hope you quit.

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Scars are permament, once they are created they stick on you for a very long time, sometimes forever. But things like scar reducers and vitamin E oil help a lot. Please get help and try to stop cutting. It leads you down a horrible path. I self injured for 10 years, I’ve been clean for 6 months, but I have hundreds of scars that remind me of what I did. Please get help and work hard to quit before its to late.

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yea, im not sure if theyre are any ways to get rid of the scars, because thats the reason im on this page, aswell. But I do no that it hurts so much to want to see my own blood, because thats the only pain that I fell I can control atm. And, even though things are very hard right now, id say looking at the scars makes me feel worse. On top of everything else. And I feel like I cant feel pretty until there gone, because I cant wear cute shirts right now even though its summer I cant go swimming, anyways its not like someones words that you dont even know. Can change such a strong feeling about yourself. And, its hard digging deep and finding things you love about yourself, but just know that theyres someone that could in a second, that we forgot. Even if you dont have the strength atm.

And I havent told anyone that I’ve cut myself, except for my boyfreind who I felt made me want to do it because he beat me up. So, dont tell anyone until your strong enough to feel like you can take the judgement. I dont even feel that strong. I think I would feel better if I did cut myself, but I know im a bit happier if I have one less scar. So, if I cut myself again.. I want to be serious about it…

Just surround yourself with people that really love you. Or youll be lost in a crowd, of people who dont.

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