How do you get a baby to be quiet?

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You can not make a baby do anything. They will cry until they feel like finishing. Sometimes there are reasons for its crying like hunger, thirst, gas, diaper in need of changing, etc. but if you want some shut eye you'll have to adapt to the baby's schedule ;)


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babies are just that...babies...maybe the baby isnt feeling well.. look in its mouth to make sure something isnt stuck down the throat .. I seen that happen.. a 8 month old baby had a band aid stuck in her throat,,imagine that.. poor thing.. or mabe the baby is teething... and its painful..good luck.

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You can't just tell a baby to be quiet, you have to try to figure out what's wrong with the baby. Maybe the baby just wants some contact, maybe she's hungry, tired, her diapers wet, or her clothes are itchy. They cry because they're too hot or too cold. They cry for all reasons. Think about your normal day, do you ask other people for a lot of stuff? Well a baby has no other way to express themselves. Just be patient, eventually you learn what their different crys are for. Sometimes babies have colic and this makes them cry a lot at about the same time everyday.

But, whatever you do, do not get angry at the baby, it is not the baby's fault.

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how old is the baby?

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I think hanbay1meant how do you get a baby to be quiet ...

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haha well tell it to be quiet.

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quite what?

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