How do i tell this boy i dont want to go to prom w/ him as a date?

Okay,, so this guy I only see as a friend called and asked me if I wanted to go to his school prom which is my old school I said I was already going to that prom anyway and he said do you want to go w/me as my date and he had just go out the hospital and I guess I kinda felt sorry for him and I said yes but I really dont want to go w/ a date at all cause im going with a group of friends and want to fly solo like my friends and I had planed so how can I tell him I dont want to go as a date and maybe we can meet up and dance a little but not like date like,, im so shy and stuff like that and really dont want to hurt his feelings cause he's got the biggest crush on me but I just DONT want a date please give me some ideas on how to let him down nicely please anything... and dont be mean sorry so long lol


ps. prom is may 1st.

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Tell him you'll save a dance just for him, but that you were already flying solo with a group of girl friends and that you'll see him there and even meet up with him when you get there, but that you didn't really want to go as offical dates. He'll respect your honesty and hopefully will accept your compromise!

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I think that you should let him know how you want your prom to be you know what I mean.
That you want your space, I'm sure that he will understand, also if you explain to hi why is the reason.
But also let him know is not because of him.

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