How do I tell my parents I think I have manic depression?

ok. all my friends say I’ve got really bad pmsy mood swings and agree with me that im probably manic depressive. my dad is, but refuses to admit it and get treatment. I dont want to be put on all kinds of medication because I think its gross, dont want to get depended and be a burden to my parents. I think they are anoyed that I go from anoying, talkative,hyper adhd spaz to not being social at all, depressed,suicidal thoughts. im getting desprate for help but do not like or want attention and am scared that my parents will just dismiss it as me being dramatic and begging for attention. their lives seem to revolve around money and I think wed end up fighting about it. I really want an opinion from someone who doesnt know me because my friends just say its my personality when I bring up the issue with seriousness. im scared and really dont know what to do. please help

Answer #1

I can relate to not wanting to take medication (have fights with my therapist about not wanting to be dependant on it all the time) , and honestly, if it was anything else I would say go for the therapy and see where that takes you, but the best treatment for bipolar disorder is medication… you dont like living like this, and if it is bipolar, it isnt in your head, it isnt your fault, and you cant help it… maybe medication will… your friends dont want you to be sick or to have something wrong with you, they think they’re helping, but they dont really know what they’re talking about… you need to talk to someone who does… see what a dr has to say…

Answer #2

well. Hmm…that is a really tough situation. I know its hard to tell someone you love about something they feel so strongly against. What about you decide on what you’re going to do, meaning if you want to go to a therapist, or self help groups or anything. Research into it, call around and make appointments. Then after you make your appointments, tell them, mom and dad I’ve decided that I want to work on myself because I want to be happy. This is my decision and I hope you can understand that. This is what I’m going to be doing, starting on this day. Thats all I wanted to say, thanks. I’m sure they will probably be like…huh?? But eventually they just might respect your decision. Plus, you already booked the appointment right? So they can’t really say anything. Hope this helps.

Answer #3

Hey. I don’t know why people get so touchy about taking medication, I mean its just something to help you feel better. Its the same as someone taking birth control pills for their PMS. ITs actually really good that you are looking into your personality and seeing your faults. maybe you don’t have a problem but why don’t you see someone about it? You don’t want to be dependent or a burden? Well you should look at your hapiness first. My sister had depression and never wanted to take anything. She took it for 2 years, and now she’s a much better person. She actually isn’t taking it anymore, and doesn’t need it either. Who knows, maybe its just a phase, but meds really help. I don’t think its weird at all. However, you really need to go see a psychologist or something, they can diagnose you better and help you. I hope you do, and get help. You will totally feel better about it. Gluck :)

Answer #4

Well, I have not been diagnosed with it yet, but I am going for it soon. My friend noticied I had been really odd, crying and laughing for no apparent reason and usually together. I am going to tell my parents when and if I actually have it, but I have confinded in a close friend. She is coming the the GP with me, and is a great support. Cross that bridge when you come to it - drop some hints. Let them find out. Leave a ‘Living with Bipolar’ website up on your laptop and leave the room to get a drink. Speak to your parent(s) if they ever felt a bit fed up when they were younger, if the answer is yes, start explaining feeling un-able to control your emotions and things. Dont worry - it’ll all be ok :)

Answer #5

You need to let the air sit, then when you’re ready to tell them- talk to a doctor/councilor so that they can tell your parents first. Then, when they fully understand- you can talk to them.

Answer #6

I dont think telling my parents is a good ideia because they have had really bad experiances with shrinks and say they are psycos and try not to deal with them, but I really want to talk to someone who can help me. they arent very supportive of me, they try to avoid talking to me about stuff like pearcings and diying my hair black and purple. if I actually did tell them I dont even know how id approach the subject. any advice??

Answer #7

im in the same boat as you. my therapist wants me to get a diagnois for possible bipolar disorder and my parents will not let me see a psychiatrist for evaluation because they are so against medication. (dad has had awful experiences with “shrinks” and stuff in the past just like your parents..) my dad has bipolar disorder but he chooses not to admit it. id go myself for diagnosis but being a minor(17), I have to have legal permission from one of my parents. its hard to deal with the depression and constant fatigue from the ups and downs…I’ve felt like this for 4 years and it hurts not having support or help from my parents. I just recently got a therapist because my bouts of depression have gotten progressively worse and im literally fearing for my life sometimes. my parents avoided the first few times I brought up being depressed and wanting to talk to someone and it made me feel worse..I ended up literally sending my dad an email straight forward saying I needed to start talking with someone regularly..since they chose to avoid talking to me about it in was the most straight forward way for me as silly as it seems. writing it just felt easier and more comfortable. also..if you have a relative (aunt, cousin,etc..) that your close with dont be afraid to talk to them and have them talk to your parents… parents seem to be a lot more judgemental in these situations and “see what they want to see” rather than what the reality may be.. sometimes it just takes another authority figure to step in and make things happen..I dno if that helps at all, but I hope you can at least take some comfort in knowing youre not alone.

Answer #8

I find you situation to be quite similar to mine. I also noticed you wrote the word parent(s). Is there a parent that you trust more than the other?

Explaining the situation to them is imparitive, adn I understnad how difficult this task is. I really feel rather hypocritical right now considering that I refuse to tell my mum (My only parental figure) that my state of mind is of the upmost improatnce to me and that I know there is something completly wrong. But listen, do not make the smae mistake as myself. There may actually be something completley wrong and in that case (Especially with Bipolar Disorder) will only progressively get worse every year that it goes untreated. When under depression you risk the even of self mutilation and quite possibly taking your life. (Do you want you parents discovery of your problems to be at a feuneral?) Under manic there is a risk of doing things like taking risks ushc as illegal drungs and unhealthy promiscuous behavoir. Your brain is an organ. Manic Depression is the result of a chemical imbalance. You wouldn’t want to deprive yourself of treatment if you thought you had a tumor in your lungs or something… This should be regarded as the same thing.

I cannot give you too much advice on the actual way of approaching your parents. Perhaps you just have to go everyday waiting for that moment when you can find a moment of sielce to bring the subject up. And once it does come up I would sujjest not letting it go until they can see it unbiasedly or merely give into a pyche check-up.

Another thing would be to bring it up to your normal doctor first. Have you had a check up recently? Did the doctor ask rather blantant question such as… “Do you feel that you have a fulfilled socail life?” “Are you happy?” (I honestly don’t remember the list, but a simple thing would be to say “Hey… I know self diagnosis is rather irrational, but I think that I might be bipolar…” It’s a good starters off. Though be forwarned, the Doctor will want to speak to your parents, but this is a good topic binger-uper-er…

Anyway, Good Luck.

Answer #9

Me too. My parents will be informed tomorrow of my diagnosis of bipolar disorder and I’m freaking out because I know it won’t be taken well. So I understand. The authority figure is helpful, it’s how I even started going to a therapist in the first place. My teacher noticed my depression and I started talking to him about it and eventually the school called my parents and it actually went over WAY better than had I have said something myself. So I’d try to get some sort of trusted adult or authority figure or school counselor involved. It really helped me.

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