How do i tell my mom i broke my iphone?

Last Friday I dropped my iPhone. I told my dad not to tell my mom. He agreed, and took it to the Apple store. They said I need a new one. My dad said that only way he's going to get me a new iPhone, is if I tell my mom that I broke it and need a new one.

Keep in mind today is Feb. 11th, I got the iPhone on Christmas day.

I don't know what to say, I know she's going to FLIP!

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Well of course you would rather your mother not find out. But how would you feel if you were married and your partner went and just bought another phone without telling you?

It's a little selfish to put your dad in that position.

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Ehh, I would just rather my dad keep it a secret and just go get me another one. I plan on telling her this morning. I did have a case (hard shell) as well as a screen protector. The screen didn't crack, the screen started coming out of the phone.

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Well iphones are delicate im guessing that the screen craked cause I know baut those so just tell her I mean she has got to understand that it broke it broke.

But I think that you have to earn it in a better way you are not being responsible at all I mean I understand everybody drops a phone but really.

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k well you could always come up with the excuse some kid was trying 2 take it from you and it fell. but then she might not let you take it anywhere. just tell her you tripped and it fell that way it didnt look like you were careless 2 drop it and that it didnt look like you were lying. then your dad will get you a new one like he said then everybody is happy. but make sure you thank your parents and give them big kisses. lol and offer 2 do stuff for them.

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You just do?

I mean accidents happen. If she gets mad, there really is nothing you can do to control that. She chooses to get upset. You could offer to do extra chores or help her out around the house. That might help? But bottom line is, you really just have to tell her... It's not the end of the world... It's just a phone. Get a case this time... It's probably cheaper then buying a new phone

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Go in with a bunch of pillows so when you tell your mom or dad, they don't whip your ass.

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