How do i talk to my sister after this?

I am 14 years old. My sister is 17 and I think about her a lot not in such great ways. I was going through her room the other day and found a naked picture of her that I stole. A few days later I was in her room again with the picture going through her stuff and got a little excited and jerked off on her bed with the picture and some of her bras. I don't know where she came from but she walked in freaked out and ran out of the room. We haven't talked now in 4 days it is so weird between us I don't know what to do.

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thats really weird.maybe you should talk to her

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Your just growing up bro,nothing to be ashamed of,well if it's your sister,maybe so,but she should understand that boys at your age - your hormones are like a ticking time bomb,just rushing at it. When you notice that she's free to talk,explain to her how you feel.

If she doesn't want to talk to you for a while due to her being shocked,just give it time to blow over and hopefully soon things will be back to normal.

Good Luck!

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Ahhh its alright don't worry. A naked pic of a girl doesn't matter its your sister. Don't say anything it will blow over trust me.

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Your sister will talk to you, but there will come a time you will feel you need to confront her. Maybe you might need to see someone about why you feel turned on by your sister naked...because its not good for you.

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thats f.u.c.ked up dude

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I think to apologize is the answer. Don't be specific just say you are sorry for your behavior. It may loosen up communications between you and your sister. Comfort will come eventually but it may depend on how open the two of you have been concerning each others privacy in the past. Your sister should not torment you by walking around in her underwear if she does not expect you to be curious and try to see more. She sounds somewhat of a sexual being since she has a nude picture of herself. Getting the comfort level to be relaxed is the main objective then she may not mind showing off her attributes. Acting like you don't care about her being clothed or not is probably the best way to get her to show you more. Women and men both want to be desired and women use their bodies to attract mans attention. You may be her brother but you are still a man. Getting you to notice her without you going all nuts will probably get her to be more comfortable around her. Tell her when she looks good like an observation and not like you are checking her out sexually. Something like "I like that outfit" Since you are her brother she may take you into her confidence and be more relaxed about her state of dress when you are around. You will find that if you can get that bond between you two you will not see her sexually. She'll just be a sister whom you care for like a sister and not a sexual being.

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the best thing to do is to apologize to her for that day .... if she dint accept it that time ....... dont go to her again and again.. just give her some space and time . things will fall back to normal

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