How do I see what wbsites have been viewed from my computer?

The history is cleared, but I did download a program that showed me my husband has been on adult profile searches!! So please let me know how I can view any of the pages he might have been on.

Answer #1

flyingmsg - that’s socially unhealthy and inaccurate about tracing earmarks (don’t believe everything you see on T.V. or hear a geek say - a lot of times we play stuff up to sound cool.)

tedga - There are places on the PC that he may or may not know how to delete. Here are the some places you can check assuming you’re using windows and internet explorer. I do not know what operating system you have, so I will cover XP, Vista and Windows 7 as they are most common (let me know if you need another version or Mac/Linux) I assure you, this isn’t some closely guarded secret, its just something many people don’t know about.

XP: Open My Computer (or any folder that brings up an explorer window) Click Tools::Folder Options (if this does not show, you may have a virus) Click the View Tab and look through the list. You will see one that says “Show hidden files and folders” - If it is already checked, then leave it, if not, then check it and click OK. Then browse to the following folders:

  1. C:\Documents and Settings[UserName]\Cookies - This is the easiest one to recognize where he has been going. You will see [his username]@[website].txt - this will easily let you know where he’s been and when he last accessed it. If you open the file, it is likely it won’t mean much to you, but it will tell you the exact page he went to in plain text. The rest will likely be gibberish.

  2. C:\Documents and Settings[UserName]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files - This has likely been deleted, but if not, will show pictures of places he has been going (like website banners and any images on the page). Not the perfect help like the cookies, but it should help you get a better idea of where he’s been going.

  3. Keep in mind this next one is digging pretty deep into the system… so, don’t go deleting anything or you could break the entire system. Hold your Windows Key and press the are key on your keyboard (Win+R), which will bring up your Run window (for some this is simply Start::Run) and type in ‘regedit’ without the quotes, then press enter. An application will come up with a tree list. Don’t forget to be careful here, as you can EASILY hurt the pc if you delete anything. We’re just having a look, though, so don’t be too concerned. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs (If you don’t see anything like this, grab the far-left scroll bar and scroll to the very top.) This will give you a list of every website that he has typed into the browser (assuming he hasn’t deleted this as well).

  4. One last option would be to go to his favorite search engine. (Like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc), click into the text field and press the down button on your keyboard. This can show recent searches, but isn’t really a popular feature anymore and may not work.

Vista & Windows 7: All same steps but with different locations:

  1. C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies
  2. C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\Temp\Temporary Internet Files

Beyond this, you would be getting into recovering deleted files, which is very possible, but requires software that can be expensive and may also require a professional. I am able to provide this service, but I think you would be better off finding a local professional.

Good luck, and keep an open mind about this, as it is very likely he was just looking for some porn so he could fantasize and THAT is a natural thing for men, as long as it doesn’t become an addiction. Cheating, or planning on cheating is NOT okay. (There is also the possibility that he was just goofing off, but you’ll know that when you have the proof and see the look on his face.)

I hope this helps!

Sources & References: Personal & Professional

Answer #2

There is no laymans way. It is possible for someone to follow your computers electronic earmarks, but its a guarded trade as it can produce a lot of revenue for anyone that can do it. My advice, relax. He is with you isnt he? Im sure he loves you dearly. About two years ago I found out my wife had three, yes, (and all of them at the same job!) other boyfriends. We separated for awhile, and after so much time without her, I realized that having eachother, our love, was more valuable than my single emotions. I eventually figured out that I wasnt giving her what she wants, and as long as met her needs, everything was fine. The human to human relationship is the most most precious thing we have, dont miss out on it over jealousy, bitterness.

Answer #3

Why? All guys watch porn. Just let him have his fun.

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