How can I make my vagina smell better?

I have a smell but it doesn’t stinks or nothing it just isn’t a smell I want down there. I want my boyfriend to perform oral sex on me but I am scared of what he would say and do. When he does I want him to like it and not smell a smell down there thats you know not fresh but fresh. I wash everyday and it goes away for the time being but when I take a bath its there again. What should I do?

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I have just through about it and have you ever heard bout having sex in the shower?

That would be perfect!!!


Hope this helps!??


Answer #2

wash it. use summers eve

Answer #3

try to make it smell better. Really try. Hard. Try cleaning better. Maybe try dietary things like cutting out sugar/carbs, which will reduce the amount of nasty bacteria and yeast in your body. Maybe try to increase good bacteria by eating real yoghurt, real, raw fermented foods like sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, kimchee, natto, etc. Maybe try taking grapefruit seed oil to kill off bad organisms living inside you. See what works for you. Maybe keep a log of what you eat, what supplements you take and the effect it has on the smell of your vagina. I wish you luck, but I’d also like to say that I really hope you try really hard to make your vagina smell better. Vagina’s are so great that most people will still make love to them if they smell, but it is a big letdown when they do smell. A vagina that doesn’t smell is so delicious. When pants come off and smell wafts out, it is not delicious. Having the option of going down on your girl often is a great benefit. Please, try hard.

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I heard eatin pinapple.. but I dunno. meh. I tried it.. and I think just shower before you let him/her go down. its easier. eh. hope I helped

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a lot of people have a smell..I don’t think you should be worried as long as you don’t smell like fish but you can get some vaginal spray like summers eve spray or sumtin to boost yo confidence it really works just dont spray it in yo vagina and you can also use a douch that has a scent to it too.

Answer #6

Don’t Douche! Stucks up the vagina, gives you less of an orgasm.

Answer #7

eat only one fruit type and fruit only it will smeel like that I did it with mangos and it worked dont wash it everyday its a self cleansin organ!

Answer #8

I use my little sisters diaper rashc cream. it goes on white but if you walk around a little, then it turns invisible. and it smells really good. my boyfriend says it tastes really good too. (: I suggest using a cream called Destin. you can probably find it in the baby isle.

Answer #9

it could be your vitamins, what you eat (garlic, onions, etc) so try eating lots of fresh fruit- not juice, the sugar could give you a yeast infection, esp. if your diabetic. And so will douching, bubble baths, and perfumed wipes, sprays, etc. be sure to dry yourself totally, and wear loose clothing so your not sweatin’ down there. I also recommend working out regularly, it will increase your desires, and keep your body flushed of toxins.

Answer #10

Honestly, You Are Completely Normal, Just Eat Healthy, Like Eat Fruit, And Drink Water. Both Of Those Things Help You Not To Smell Down There, And Keeps The Skin Soft Too. =) Hope This Helps

Much Love,



Answer #11

I just wrote another answer about smell. im studying anatomy and part of it is infections and stuff one: you DONT use any sparys purfumes or any kinda smellies( you dont know if you will have a reaction and you cld get a rash and make it more serious!) two: dont use any bars of soap! you could see your doctor, but I got taught by my tutor to put plain yogurt on your vagina not up it and put a pad in your undies and leave it on over night and see if that helps!

Answer #12

DO NOT DOUCHE! this kills Bad bacteria that causes bad smell. but it also kills good bacteria that kills the bad bacteria.

which means you WILL be at VERY high risk to a yeast infection. which is grosser to what you had before.

its like once you beat cancer, you have no immune system. so a little common cold will reek havoc on you,

same once you douche.

dont worry about it. unless you have an infection, nothings wrong. its natural. just shower before your boyfriend goes down on you. or he can eat a mint while he eats you. this is pleasurable for him AND you!!

Answer #13

Have a shower or bath before hand. Then there isnt a smell nor taste. Then when he’s licking etc, the only taste he will get is any new juices you make. And they are always nicer & taste better. Plus eat yoghurt an hour before. Gives it a neutral taste. Anything sweet like sugar makes it more yeasty. Hope this helps!

Answer #14

If your vagina smells like fish it is highly likely that you have a BV infection and douches will push the infection further into your vagina. I suggest sitting in a lukewarm bath, about waist high with a little vinegar until the water cools. Do this once a week. You also may want to invest in some pantyliners which you can change frequently. You don’t want all the moisture hanging around in your panties, which can also contribute to an odor. Hope this helps. MissMD

Answer #15

pineapple juice (: and try feminine shampoo.

Answer #16

Jeez…I’m reading this way late…but if I stumbled upon it like other young ladies, there needs to be some more sensible information. Having a foul fishy smelling vagina IS NOT NORMAL, especially if it is incorporated as a part of some discharge. This is usually the sign of a vaginal infection, such as bacterial vaginosis, gardnerella, trichomoniasis. Douching could push the bacteria up into the vagina and cause other problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease. The best thing to do is to see a gynecologist and get checked out to rule out infection before trying any of the other suggestions.

Answer #17

Don’t ever have a bath or if you do, don’t use any sopas, bubble baths anything - the soaps and stuff get in there with a bath, irritate and make it smell. You should never use anything to wash down there except plain water.

I suggest only having showers and just do a quick rub or two with water down there. That is enough to keep you clean as the vagina is supposed to be self cleaning. Trust me - the same thing happens to me. It will clear up after about 3 days.

Answer #18

I had a friend one time confess to me she was a lesbian. She told me her girlfriend had an odor down there. She suggested to her girlfriend to eat WATERMELON. She said it tasted and smelled way better. Never tried it but it make sense cause watermelon is a natural diuretic meaning it helps you to lose water weight. So you’ll be peeing a lot and your pee will get clearer and clearer especially if you drink WATER to. So you’ll be constantly cleaning yourself out. If this helps write me sometime @ and tell me if this advice worked for you. I’ll hear from you soon:)

Answer #19

I use my little sisters diaper rash cream. it works really good. and it clears up any itching and irritation down there. right after I get out of the shower, I just put some on. it goes on white but as you walk around a little it goes invisible. my boyfriend says it tastes really good. and we go and mess around after I’ve been at school all day. so it really works. you should buy Destin. you can find it in the baby supplies. (:


Answer #20

if you have a smell that YOUR noticing, might be a std- everyones body gives off a certain sent.. but if your picking up your own sent thats not from sweating, or anything like that, I would say somethings wrong. But-* if your just paranoid, try shaving, wearing cotton underwear, and maybe a panty liner that abdorbs smell, & if not already shower your privates with a baby soap. Doesnt cause your ph balance to imbalance like certain fragerance’d soap does. Oh yeah, and your PH balance might be off.. that PH-fresh fixes that. best of luck

Answer #21

lmaooo! you remind me of my best friend hahah <3

anyway, just wash with berry soaps every day. before he comes over, wash it really good with a fruit body wash OR conditioners for hair!.. also, shave it. :) it’ll smell better.

Answer #22

I use a feminine deodarant spray that is made for going down there. It helps a lot, maybe you should try it.

Answer #23

wash it every day, and before you wanna do whatever with your boyfriend..

Answer #24

It is natural to be smelly. The only thing keep clean. Wash it often when needed. Wash from up to down not the opposite, thus it avoid feases(normally contained germs) to mix with your vigina.

Answer #25

you should eat fruits and make sure you have a healthy diet, that way your juices will taste sweet and it will be a pleasurable experience for both you and your partner. try to avoid chicken, garlic or onion and make sure you drink plenty of water :] also, it won’t hurt to have a shower beforehand…and make sure you don’t get any soaps down there…leave the cleaning to your vag.

Answer #26

I keep mine shaved. It seems easier to keep clean. As this is a daily thing because 5 o’clock shadow is really irritable. After shaving I use speed stick. It helps with not breaking out and the oder but is not tastful. I also douch with summers eve wildflowers. viniger just makes me sore. do wht you have to and good luck… by the way I agree that every woman has her own oder.

Answer #27

i do not agree that it is natural to be smelly. My vagina has no odor at all and my boyfriend is always amazed at that. each time i bathe i use a bath glove or very slightly abrasive wash cloth and give it a good scrub but not to be so harsh to bruise myself. i wash inside my vagina with water only and douche after my period. using bath gloves really helps if you ask me.

Answer #28

I’ve heard that drinking cranberry juice will help. I don’t know if it matters what cranberry juice you drink(like cranapple or cranraspberry) A friend of mine told me this and he found out because of his girlfriend. I dunno if there is truth to it, this is just what I have heard. And drinking juice is something that can’t hurt to try because it won’t be determental to you. Good luck to you. God bless you. And may the Force be with you.

Answer #29

Douching is bad. It strips all of the healthy cells in your vagina that can help against diseases. Plus if you douche, you have to do it all the time, or you pussy will smell WORSE! I worked for an OBGYN and it was a huge problem. Women coming in would contract STD’s, but douche before coming into their appt, washing away any trace that way we can catch it early… a lot of times, we would end up catching it late because the douche was burning off the traces for us to help them. Douching is not recommended unless you smell bad, therefore your doctor will “advise” that douching is needed - which means you stink.

Answer #30

There are lots of creams available in Market that you can use.

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