How do I make diabetic desserts that tastes good?

My boyfriends brother is an insulin dependant diabetic and we are having dinner with him tomorrow night. I got the task of making dessert so I made a blueberry cheesecake. It was pretty easy to make a diabetic version of that, only hard part was no one sells biscuits without a whole lot of sugar so I had to make my own. Trouble is, to be honest, it tastes like crap! The sugar substitute I used gives it a really weird taste and texture. I dont know. Is it possible to make sweet food suitable for diabetics that taste anywhere near normal?

Answer #1

I have been Diabetic for over 20 years now and have found that Diabetic desserts and foods often have more carbs. which is what most Diabetics count when considering insulin control and amounts. I have often taken regular desserts and swapped some ingredients for sugar free options. For example: I make a Boston Cream Pie that is a regular store bought frozen crust and use Sugar free vanilla pudding in the middle of the cake layers. You can also try a Sugar Free Cake mix. Although I just use a regular one and make my own chocolate sauce for the top using unsweetened baking cocoa, water, and Splenda. There is still some sugar, but not as much as a regular one, I also like to make a strawberry Shortcake using regular store bought angel food cake (This has the least amount of sugar than most cake mixes) But pay attention to the carb content. I add fresh strawberries (also one of the lower natural sugars of most fruit) then add Cool Whip. I have been told by many Nutritionists that Cool Whip has so little sugar that it is considered a free food for Diabetics (in moderation of course). I also swap out only half the sugar for Apriva or Splenda in many recipes. This will not cause as much of a weird sugar-free taste that you mentioned. Also the newer sweeteners are better tasting. Sweet and Low is horrible as it uses saccarin which is bitter. ANother very low-sugar dessert is a tub of cool mixed with a packet of Sugar-Free Jello (just add the whole package of dry mix), cottage cheese, & Fruit (Fresh or canned). You can play around with the flavor by adding more or less of the Jello Flavoring. This dessert sounds a bit trashy, but tastes fabulous!!! Good Luck Brandee

Answer #2

diabetic recepies are even more worse for diabetics than a normal recipe with normal sugar..

to the point that the UKs biggest chemist stopped stocking diabetic chocolate and the rest of the untasteless rubbish because it contained more calories than the standard sweets…

either advise him to have a few extra units with his injection before dinner to counter act the sugar he’ll eat thats in the cheese cake or just hand him fruit..

diabetics must watch their weight and feeding him a cheese cake will not be good due to all the butter/marg used..

remember its not just sugar you need to keep to a low, its also fat/calories and all that…

you could buy some mixed fruit and a tub of low fat cream and just finely chop the fruit and add a lil cream… even sugar free jelly with sugar free angel delight would be better than fruit. taste wise anyway haha or even low fat ice cream with some bannans

I’ve been diabetic since I was 12ish and I cant remember ever eating anything made for diabetics..

Answer #3

my mom has had diabetes for 30 years so … make otmeal chocolate cookies but us semi sweet chocolate because over there will be a lot less sugar :)

Answer #4

they also have cook books for diabetics. go o a library and check one out and write down recipes that you would like to try. good luck.

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