How do i know if my ear is infected?

My ear is throbbing and I got it done not yesterday but the day before, it is my cartilige, and it is like a purply red colour.. can anyone help me?

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I asked my sister (who has countless cartilage piercings)

Basically a purple-red color is a VERY BAD sign.

Clean it with salt water. If it gets any worse then you'll have to remove the piercing. If the reddish purple area gets bigger it's most likely that it could be a blood blister. (I would consult a doctor then to determine what to do because it isn't recommended that you pop it)

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Ummm well all I could think of is go to the doctor to get it checked you might have a ear infection.

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Don't remove the piercing whatever you do! This can cause more problems. Wash it twice a day with sterilised water and sea salt mixed together, don't touch it excessively and don't mess with it in general. Swelling is normal for the first few days as your body is trying to heal. Leave it for a few days and it still hasn't got better or it's gotten worse go to your doctor.

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