How do i know if my cat is pregnant?

How do I know if my cat is pregnant? So I asked this question last night and returned this afternoon to see that my question had been put in the wrong category and I had a very rude person give me a very rude answer. So, I rephrased my previous question and instead of putting "kitty" I put cat. I really have to know if she is or not. Does anyone know how long it takes after mating, my kitty will start to show signs that she is pregnant? She is still doing all of the things that she was doing before we mated her, but we didnt watch or anything so we were going to try to do the mating thing again and I was just wondering when we will know.
And please, I am making sure that this is going into the right category, so if you have anything mean or rude to say, please just say it in your head and take your rudeness elsewhere. This is a serious question that I need answered. Thank you. Xoxo

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She will also start to look like she is putting on weight but not until the last month of pregnancy. You will not feel the kittens moving until about the last 3 weeks.

She will also in the last couple of weeks start getting her milk in. But this is always a sure bet. She will also start looking for hiding places like under your bed or in your closet.

Good luck to you and your kittens

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hi I have had exactly the same worry. my cat is just over six months old and I have 2 male cats in the house none have been spayed yet as want to breed once before I do so. I noticed that a sign of pregnancy in cats is affection but the problem with my cat is she is a very loving affectionate cat since she was a kitten, I have always siad she is a dog in a cats body as she seekd attention 24/7 but is very playful . so if anyone knows of some more obvious signs I can notice please let me know as both my male cats are getting very frisky with her.

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well you can start to see her niples go in and she will get curvs big ones

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Thank you very much. I will pay attention to her. I appreciate you answering my question

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Well, I was trying to find out the same thing and don't worry I'm not that mean lol but you cat is pregnant so you better find a home for them when they come cause it will cause a lot of money you might not have so start looking!

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If your cat's sides are getting fatter, she may be pregnant! Sometimes, when cats are pregnant, they dont want 2 be held and they can act mean!

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if their are little bumps on the bottom of her belly. I know cause my mom sells cats

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um... my cat is 1 year old and she got out last night, we didnt find her till this morning and she was in heat when she got out... she now lies down an awful lot and sleeps, she's very affectionate but has always been... also this evening she just started calling like she does when she's in heat, and is rolling around on the floor... a tomcat is also meowing outside our window... is she pregnant or is it too early to tell?

how do i know for a fact my cat is pregnant?
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From day 15 teats will pink up. She may sleep more be more affectionate, eat less, or more. Her tummy will harden and she should start showing around week 5/6. Pregnancy can last from 60-69 days with mostcats giving birth on day 65.

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by the way you should know that 50% of kittens will dies before they reach 6 wks of age.

SPAY YOUR CAT!!! There are MILLIONS of cats euthanized every year!!!

every 1 person like you who lets her cat breed (EVEN ONCE!!) undoes the hard work of 2-3 people like me who work tirelessly in the animal shelters which are OVERLOADED with unwanted cats!!!

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She will Start following you around a lot in need of affection. Another way to tell is if her nipple have reddened and becoe larger.
To Ko2008 Your answer was very presumptuous and was not needed. You dont know the cercumstances surrounding the pregnancy, so leave it alone.. get off your soap box and GROW UP!

My cat is pregnant and I have been feeling the little ones moving for 2 weeks now. About how long will it be before she gives birth?
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In sum, if you suspect your cat is pregnant, look for: a sudden need for affection; seeking hiding spots; morning sickness; and tenderness when you try to pet her belly. If she has been outside within the past 70 days or less, it is a good bet that she is indeed pregnant given the presence of these signs... even if you cannot tell by looking at her.

A cat's normal gestation period is approximately 63 days. They can give birth a few days earlier, or as long as 70 days.

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