How do i know if im a virgin?

Last night I was being fingered and my hymn broke and bled abit.
does that mean im not a virgin?

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erm its pretty simple... the only way to lose your virginity is to have sex! duuuh

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your totaly a vigin dont worry if you acctuly have sex your not

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If his dick didnt get inside you you are still a virgin

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loosing your virginity means that a penis has entered your vagina, or ''penetrated''.
your hymen can break from sports, masterbation, or just generally because it is thin, and breaks easily.
some womens break when they have sex, some break just because they can. the breaking of the hymen has NOTHING to do with being a virgin, otherwise any girl that had done pretty much any physical activity that could cause it to break wouldn't be a virgin, YOU-ARE-A-VIRGIN

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well actually some dictionary's say you technically lose your virginity by masturbating in the presence of another, or receiving/giving oral sex or fingering or tossing off someone, but as you can see from the other comments, most people think you're only a not a virgin if you've had dick in V sex.

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