How do i know if i've lost my virginity?

I recentely went to my boyfriends house and he put his penis in my vagina but I dont think he popped my cherry... Have I lost my virginity or not? I've asked friends and family and they seem to think I have but im still not convinced... Please help :)

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Since he did put his penis in your vagin you are no longer a virgin, and the thing with the cherry most girls dont know if it has been popped or not but that doesnt conclude if your a virgin or not. You had sex so your not a virgin anymore.

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If HIS DICK yet in your VAGINA then your NOT A VIRGIN . DUHH

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I think that if anything really goes in your vagina, forget it, you have lost it.

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Crude 411planb, very crude...but true.

You're not a virgin.

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