How do I keep up withhouse work im so tired esp with 2 babies

Im 21 I have a 4year old and a 15 moth old im so tired all the time and the house work gets on top of me I tidy one room realy nice and I got do enother then walk in to the first room id just cleaned and tidyed and the 2 kids have trashed it again I feal like a crap mother my 4 year old is so gobby I feal like smacking her sometimes I’ve tried the nauty step putting her over the gate in he room mt little boy is starting to coppy her and its pulling me down they dont have dads it just me alone at home every day washing cleaning feeding changeing smelly bums I feal so crap what do I do I some times feal like giveing them up but I no just would be helpless with out them

Answer #1

ok I know the feeling hun, im a mother of 3 boys 9 month old,2 and 3 year olds. my 2 and 3 years olds I dont have lost them in 2006. sounds like you might be a lil bit depressed?? maybe go to your dr. anti-depresents will help you too feel better but for your kids making the messes that is something that they will grow out of. maybe try putting them both in 1 room gated in or shut the door and just let them play in there or do whutever until’ you get all the other rooms cleaned up. no matter how much they want out they will get over it eventually. and then like when it is there nap time thats when you go backk and clean up there room they messed up while you were cleaning. and remember to just tell them no often. I know it gets frustrating and all but just work with them and maybe get sum help from a friend or your mom or other relative if possible.

Answer #2

id just like to say thank you for your replys I will give all of your idears ago esp the safty gate and them being in one room xx

Answer #3

I’m not really old enough to understand the whole parenting thing. But I’ve grew up babysitting and looking after my little brother and sister. My suggestion is when they are in bed or something, tidy up the whole house, and when they wake up in the morning, tell them that if they take something out to play with, they better put it back or you will take away (something that they use a lot, or something that they love). Same for their actions, if they throw temper tantrums, tell them your gonna take something valuable away from them, usually that works, hopefully it will. Best Of Luck :)

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uw. =]

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