How do i grow facial hair fast?

im 18, im jealous of my friends with thick beards and sideburns. I've heard that rubbing raw sliced potatos on the face will result in higher rate of grown--is that true?

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Well I started to shave when I was 13 because I didn't like the peace fuzz (blonde facial hair) and im now 22 years old and can grow a full beard like nothing altho im engaged a lot of women think stubble or nicely trimed beards are very sexy, it is a sighn of virsitlity and masculinity, but what ever makes you happy man is the main thing if you like it grow it, also if I want a clean shave I have to shave everyday in every direction curtisoy of shaving when I was 13 now it grows like wild fire I could have a full beard in 4 days of not shaving . hope this helped

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You may have some native american blood in ya. . . . I'm 1/16th cherokee and my facial hairs grow very slow. I was almost 30 before I could grow a beard.
rubbing a potatoe on yor face will only make your face smell like a potatoe. . . .
Remember whiskers do not make the man. . . .

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Some people just have a hard time growing facial hair.

Once you start growing facial hair you are probably going to wish you didn't. A lot of my guy friends are always complaining about having to shave. But if you shave, it will start to come back faster and thicker. Good luck. I think you look good just the way you are.

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my dear just keep on shaving with gillette razors even were there is no hair it will grow I promise shave in morning and night I promise it will grow!!!

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im 22 and I have native blood in me I am part mohawk and I have been shaving for almost 7 years and its finally starting to get noticeable and I have no problem shaving use a electric shaver a cheap one to it will make the hair grow even and better regular shavers just purts bumps on your face and causes zits which is bad for the skin electric works the best make sure you get a reminton with the trimer flip and its 3 bladed cut its awesome but anyways just keep shaving someday when your my age you will grow hair I have side burns that grow and I got the patch on my chin that looks nice that girls like but just let it grow for 1 month or more then shave it with a electric remington.

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your all idiots. it does not grow faster if you shave. im raging in my seat at how stupid you guys are. where is the science behind that claim? there is none. its a myth used by moms to keep their sons shaving. Hair does seem thicker after shaving because the skinny tips of the hairs are gone.

"oh hurr durr im gonna shave and shave until I get a beard-" BAM. you have a beard. WHY? BECAUSE OVER TIME YOUR HAIR GROWS THICKER AND THICKER AS A KID.

you should off yourselves.

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Don't be jealous, side burns and beards are gross. I know tons of girls who would much preffer someone with no facial hair.

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Shave your facial hair
girls dont like it

a bit of stubble can be nice
but thats it


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when I was younger I didnt grow facial hair but then some just started growing cause I shaved every other day and now I have a beard I would suggest shaving every other day and see what happens but dont but potatoes on your face it might make you get acne

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I didnt grow facial hair very fast either. Of course everyone is different, but I can tell you that now I hate to shave but my face and neck get hella itchy, even if I let it go for a while it doesnt help, seems I've got to shave at some time or another, and I really dont like to at all. But if you wish, shaving actually makes the hair grow back thicker, so even if you cant see it there if you shave it will be there in time. AGAIN Be CAREFUL What You Wish For.

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in response to "Fonzbear" shaving every few days will help the beard grow in thicker, although not faster. I am 17 and have been shaving since I was 15. I've noticed that if I let it grow for 3 days then shave and repeat this for a long time it will appear that I have grown a bunch of hair. When in reality its just a lot thicker.

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It should grow on its own soon. ;D

But you shouldn't be in a rush to grow thick sideburns and beards, because girls generally don't like them. x3

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