How do I get songs on my new ipod from my old ipod?

I have just got a new Ipod,and I would like the songs from my old Ipod on my new one.They are still on my itunes.I know how to send them to my Ipod however,I can only get as far as the terms & conditions I press I have read them & save.But I can still not get futher than this step.Can anyone help?

Answer #1

Hope this helps:

The extra savvy designers over at Apple made sure that it was very difficult, if not impossible; to transfer music and other files between two different iPod devices. The reason “they say” they do this is due to music and video copyright laws, however I believe it’s all a money making scheme and they want you to re-purchase any music you would like to transfer to another iPod from their “ever so convenient” iTunes store. This makes things incredibly difficult, nonetheless if you are like me, you don’t like to be played and there is no way they are going to make me re-purchase music I already have just so I can put it on a different iPod. Therefore I swarmed the internet for a solution to my problem and luckily for me I found a very easy to use program that contains the necessary tools to carry out the procedure of iPod to iPod Transfer.

The software is called iPod 2 iPod and it allows you to easily transfer files between two different iPods all at the click of a few buttons. All you have to do is download the program (there is a Free Version) start it up, plug in your iPod and then click and drag which ever files you would like to transfer, it’s that simple.

Answer #2

there is a solution on this case ,you can make it and all you need is a three party utility which I recommend Aniosoft ibackup. It enables you to transfer iPod’s music and other content to any storage device and iTunes as well. And both the backup in the storage device can be convered and restored with no any change and no any risk.And the data in the iTunes is quite in accord with the iPod’s data including its playlists,rating and etc. So in your case,I am not sure if your iTune’s music is quite same as your old iPod.If it is ,you just need to plug the new one to the computer and sync the new iPod to the iTunes.If your iTunes’s data is different from your old iPod;s songs,so you need to make a music transfer from your old iPod to iTunes with this tool and then unplug the old iPod and plug the new iPod and sync the new one to the iTunes.also . There is a note that needs your attention,you have to turn off the auto sync of the newly installed iTunes before you can make this transfer. for your convenience,I’ll add the links here: good luck to you.

Answer #3

You can transfer music from iPod 2 iPod

It will automatically display all files on both iPods, compare songs against two at once, remove hundreds of duplicates within one iPod in seconds, sort by Artist, Genre, Album, or even grouping of similar songs. All you need to do is simply to drag and drop what you want between iPods. Slick. But it does not support iPod Touch/iPhone.

Answer #4

If there really is nothing else you can do, install itunes again and drag and drop all you’re old songs in to the new one. Select you’re new ipod as the default device!

Answer #5

you can use iPod 2 iPod for help, Connect to multiple iPods, on your local

machine or across the network. Drag and Drop Songs/Playlists

effortlessly between them. The way you view your music is up to you,

sort by Artist, Genre, Album, or even group similar songs together,

then drag and drop them onto another iPod.







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