How do I get skinny legs fast?

I dont have big legs but I want to have skinny legs so I can look good in skinny skater jeans. I HATE my curves!!! please help!

Answer #1

uhm I love skinny jeans my legs look alright in them. sometimes it has to do with that fit or the designer but yeah a lot of quad exercises

Answer #2

I love bell bottoms!!! Skinny legs are alright, but you gotta have some muscle tone in them. No muscle is icky!

Answer #3

wake up theres probably barley any fat on you have you even tried on a pair and had a look at what you look like? its extreemly unhealthy for you to be thinking like that at such a young age

Answer #4

ggrrr I hate skinny jeans uglyest thing since bellbotems

Answer #5

well im 13 and I dont like fat legs ho do I get ride of them?

Answer #6

power walk… you use more muscles when you power walk other than jog.

Answer #7

ughh me to I hate curves to but I can say just like ride your bike or ‘ jog/powerwalk around your block for like 1-2 miles every day

Answer #8

You want my opinion? Skinny stick legs are disgusting. You want to see some real legs, look at some dancers. And I don’t mean tall, toothpick ballerinas, I mean like the girls on SYTYCD, especially Chelsie. That girl has amazing legs. and pulls off skinny jeans very well.

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